Automotive Solutions

Exhaust Systems and Catalytic Converters

Tuper, the most
sold in Brazil.

Present in the aftermarket segment and in major automakers.

Tuper produces exhausts for all automobile models, domestic and imported.


Tuper Exhausts develops exhaust systems for domestic and imported automobiles with OEM, Sports and Tuning lines, based on the automaker’s original design, with operations also in the commercial and heavy line vehicle markets.

Catalytic Converters

Tuper catalytic converters fully comply with Ordinance 282/2008, of INMETRO, which ensures product conformity and minimum requirements to protect the health and safety of users.

End Pipes

Tuper offers many end pipe options for the client to customize the car with greater style. In addition to the variety of models available, the product manufactured with excellent raw material is easy to install and adds a touch of styling and sportiness to the vehicle.


Tuper also manufactures universal mufflers and catalytic converters, generally known as adaptable mufflers, designed to fit most make and model vehicle applications due to its high adaptability capacity.


To assist and facilitate exhaust installation, Tuper offers special tools and solutions, such as supports/stands, modular shelves for stock, flexibles and tubes for adaptation as well as flanges.


  • ISO 9001