Automotive Solutions

Exhaust Systems for Automakers

Tuper is one of the leading companies in vehicle exhaust systems. Operates in the passenger vehicle, agricultural machinery and construction machinery segments.

Its products meet the most stringent environmental standards such as Proconve P7 (EURO V).

Main Products:

After-Treatment Systems – SCR

After-treatment systems for diesel vehicles Proconve P7 (EURO V).


Exhaust manifold integrated to the catalytic converter.

Catalytic Converters

The products count on technology to transform harmful components of the vehicle exhaust system into harmless gases. Complying with Ordinance 282/2008, of INMETRO, ensuring product conformity and minimum requirements for the health and safety protection of users.

Exhaust Tubes

Manufactured with special material, attends industry needs with the most varied models and strictly complies with all Brazilian standards.


Attenuate engine exhaust noise due to the technologies employed in the part’s development and manufacture.

End Pipes

Produced with cutting edge material, easy to install and adds a touch of sportiness to the vehicle.


Assembly using the Adaptive Canning process used in passenger and commercial vehicles.

Partnership with FEV

Tuper has partnered with FEV, a renowned German engineering firm with over 35 years of global operations in developing solutions for the automotive market. This partnership enables exhaust system development in conjunction with the engineering teams of FEV in Germany, the United States and China, ensuring the best results for customers.


  • ISO/TS 16949
  • ISO 14001
  • QSB – General Motors
  • Q1 Ford