Construction Systems

Steel Metal Roofing System

Tuper offers steel roofing, facade or side closure systems, including the following solutions: traditional, decorative, thermo-acoustic roofing sheets and finishes (ridges, profiles, collars, finishes, corners, spikes and top-edge squarer).

Traditional Roofing Sheets

The tradition of producing metal roofing sheets with strength, durability and functionality for your construction work.

TPR 17 - Corrugated

TPR 25 -Trapezoid

TPR 35 – Trapezoid

TPR 40 - Trapezoid

TPR 100 - Trapezoid

TPR GA – Galvalume®

Decorative Roofing

Tuper innovation, design and quality.

Thermo-acoustic Roofing Sheets

The insulation that your project needs.