Oil and Gas

Tuper produces carbon steel welded pipes by the HFIW – High Frequency Induction Welding process used in the oil and gas industry, in various conduction applications, through the use of API 5L pipes, and also in production and exploration (OCTG) with API 5CT pipes.  These pipes can be coated, which ensures the pipes anticorrosion and mechanical protection, according to the application’s needs. Besides API pipes, there are also solutions in structural and industrial tubes, black and galvanized, in various standards and norms for diverse applications in this segment.

Installed and Available Competencies

State of the art technology

Committed to the safety of large projects, Tuper submits its products to the most stringent quality controls in the world.

  • One of the world’s most modern plants, with continuous pipe forming line from coil to final pipe.
  • The most modern pipe forming process with longitudinal weld in the world market to ensure reliability and durability of the tubes, with:
    • Edge milling machine
    • High Frequency Induction Welding (HFIW)
    • In-line thermal treatment
    • Hydrostatic test, with 2 devices available
    • Three ultrasound processes on the same line: in-line ultrasound, welding and full body ultrasound.
  • In-company team of engineers dedicated to developing new products and applications.

Dimensions available

Dimensions Thickness
Round Square Rectangular
From 15,87 up to 339,70 mm From 20 x 20 up to 260 x 260 mm From 12 x 40 up to 250 x 300 mm From 0,75 up to 16,00 mm

Lengths of up to 14.6 m. Also consult special geometries in various dimensions.


  • API 5L
  • API 5CT
  • CRCC Petrobras
  • ABNT NBR 8261
  • ABNT NBR 6591
  • ABNT NBR 6580
  • ABNT NBR 6590
  • ABNT NBR 5597
  • ABNT NBR 5598