Oil and Gas

Casing - API 5CT

Carbon steel pipes with longitudinal welding with diameters from 5 1/2” to 13 3/8”, used for casing in oil or gas wells, associated with various thread grades and standards.

Standards fulfilled

  • API 5CT:
    Grades: H40, J55, K55
    Threads: BTC, LTC and STC
  • CRCC Petrobras:
    Approved class: API 5CT – J55 for pipe and pup-joint and API 5CT K55 for sleeve
Casing – API 5CT

Dimensions available

Dimensions Diameter Thickness Length Theoretical Weight
Rounds From 127,00mm (5”) up to 323,90mm (13 3/8”) From 5,59mm (0,220”) up to 14,27mm (0,562”) Range 1,2 e 3
(6,0 a 14,60 metros)
From 11,5 up to 70,7 lb/ft