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Por Tuper S/A  |  28 de July de 2022 às 14:51

The slab is the base element of a building, transferring forces to the beams and support columns, structurally functioning as a slab or plate. It provides overall stability to the construction, especially in tall buildings, and ensures safety against lateral actions. There are different ways to construct slabs, including material options that can be combined for better results.

Tuper has developed an innovative system of ribbed composite slabs made from high-performance galvanized structural steel, known for their practicality, efficient use of raw materials, and cost savings in labor. The system primarily consists of in-situ molded concrete, filling elements (EPS), and metal beams that act as positive reinforcement in the slab.

This system meets requirements for strength, practicality, assembly speed, substantial savings in shoring use, and reduced labor during the structural phase. It allows for the construction of both uni and bidirectional slabs, enabling large spans with reduced concrete and steel consumption. Additionally, it reduces the weight of the slab by approximately thirty percent compared to solid slabs, thus reducing loads on the structure and foundations. Another significant feature is the weight of the metal beams, which are only one-fifth the weight of traditional precast truss beams, resulting in cost savings as assembly is simplified, and no equipment like cranes or hoists are needed.

Tuper’s ribbed composite slabs also facilitate the passage of installation ducts, suspended ceilings, and finishes.

To learn more about the properties, technical characteristics, handling, and applications of Tuper’s ribbed composite slabs system, download the product catalog on the downloads page of this website.

Tuper will be present at the 13th edition of the Concrete Show with both new releases and traditional products for the construction sector, including ribbed composite slabs.

To see them up close, register on the website:

Concrete Show – 13th Edition – 2022 Location: São Paulo Expo – Rodovia dos Imigrantes, Km 1.5 Date: from 08/09 to 08/11 Tuper Stand: A50

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