Sustainability and responsibility are points of extreme attention for Tuper. The company supports initiatives that focus on social and economic development and the improvement of the quality of life of its areas of influence.

Promotes actions that, either related to product development, responsible relationship with employees, suppliers and the community or environmental impact control, respect integrity and praise values related to awareness and effective actions to preserve natural resources.

In the environmental field, Tuper is guided by a management system certified by ISO 14001, and maintains practices that ensure the preservation of the environment.


In respect to water, the actions target savings and treatment alike. The implementation of a cistern that allows storing 750 thousand liters of rainwater, which are treated and sued in industrial processes. Thus, the company does not consume a large volume of water from municipal reservoirs. The water is treated again, and can be reused or returned to nature with the correct pH, therefore avoiding environmental damage.
All productive process waste receives special attention, assigned to landfills or recycling companies. Environmental agency inspections are used as improvement tools, triggering prevention actions inside and outside the company.
Another measure includes attention to the technological development of exhaust system production, in order to reduce pollutant gas emissions and noise levels.

Corporate Environmental Policy

Tuper transforms steel with high technological value and quality, with operations in the national and international markets, always respecting the principles of ethics, eco-efficiency and social responsibility.
The company considers sustainable development and continuous improvement as essential for its operations, and establishes the following guidelines for its environmental management system:

  • Ensure compliance with legal subscribed requirements.
  • Adapt our production techniques and use of raw materials, preventing pollution and attenuating relevant environmental impacts, working to reduce waste generation, water and energy consumption, and developing sustainable solutions.
  • Stimulate people’s capacity to protect the environment in processes (own and third-party), to look for common development and benefits.


Learn more about some Tuper actions that focus on waste recovery, to maintain sustainable policies and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

  • "Tuper has been a Zero Landfill company since May 2022, a term that means reducing, recycling, or reusing over 90% of generated waste with the goal of eliminating the use of industrial and sanitary landfills, promoting a more sustainable destination for the produced waste .  
  • Cistern with collection capacity of 750 thousand liters of reusable water from internal processes
  • The raw material used in Tuper products (steel) is 100% recyclable, allowing the company to use all the scrap generated during the process
  • Implementation of acoustic barriers around the factories to reduce the noise
  • #AtitudesTuper Program, focusing on raising awareness of employees and the community regarding the environment and sustainability actions
  • Recycling bins available for employees and the community to collect electronic items, batteries and other recyclable materials


  • Tuper S/A Environmental License

  • Tuper Oil and Gas Environmental License

  • Environmental License - Tuper Automotive - Parts

  • Environmental License - Tuper Automotive - Systems

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