Photovoltaic energy: sustainable and clean alternative to aid and supply the power demand in Brazil

Electric power produced from heat and sunlight is the great bet for the future

Por Tuper S/A  |  15 de October de 2021 às 16:01

Solar energy is electric or thermal power produced from solar heat or light, and is considered an alternative, renewable, clean and sustainable energy source. For photovoltaic plants, which consist of plates that capture solar irradiation and generate electricity, the greater the incidence of sunlight on the plates the greater the quantity of electric power produced. 

Brazil has great photovoltaic solar power generation potential. That is exactly why the incentive for research and investments in solar power plants have been growing: to diversify the country’s energy matrix. As an example, a floating plate system shall be installed over the Sobradinho Dam to expand the power generation capacity. 

The bet on photovoltaic solar power plants is an alternative to complement the highly advantageous production in order to meet the consumption demand and balance the supply.

Tuper manufactures steel pipes that support solar trackers in photovoltaic plants. These trackers are piece of equipment that follow the sun to allow the photovoltaic modules to generate more energy. To allow the trackers to work, the plates are installed perpendicularly to the sun.

One of the projects delivered by Tuper was performed to Spanish company STI Norland, which manufactures photovoltaic trackers. STI Norland inaugurated an unit in Brazil in 2015, in the city of Palmas (TO), and currently is based in São Paulo (SP). The company is among the four largest tracker manufacturers in the world, with branches in ten countries. 

According to the Tuper Sales Manager, Heber H. P. Campos, “The photovoltaic market is growing considerably. If we consider the information that the GDP will grow approximately 5% this year, Brazil is already signaling energy failure. There are energy-related projects, such as hydroeletric plants, and others that, however, are time-consuming and involve large environmental issues. Photovoltaic energy allows quick generation at competitive costs, in addition to gains regarding environmental and sustainability issues”, he explains.

Bet for the future

The Brazilian Photovoltaic Energy Association (Absolar) revealed that 2020 was a record-breaking year for the photovoltaic sector in Brazil. The segment received more than R$ 13 billion in investments in 2020. The results represent a growth of 52% in respect to the accumulated investments in the country since 2012. 

According to Absolar, the investments in 2020 generated more than 86 thousand new jobs in Brazil, distributed over all regions of the country. Since 2012, photovoltaic solar power sources have already moved more than R$ 38 billion in businesses, generating more than 224 thousand work positions. In 2020, employment grew 62% in respect to the jobs accumulated since 2012.

Large size solar power plants are the seventh greatest source of generation in Brazil, with enterprises in operation in nine States, in the Northeast, Southeast and Central-West regions. The accumulated investments of the segment exceed R$ 15 billion.

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