Tuper has a consolidated presence in the international market in the Oil and Gas segment

The company exports approximately 70% of its production of pipes for oil and gas transportation and exploration and is preparing for the future

Por Tuper S/A  |  9 de August de 2021 às 11:39
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With customers located in Latin America and the United States, Tuper Oil and Gas exports about 70% of its production of pipes for the conveyance and exploration of oil and gas. The company already has a consolidated presence in the United States where, unlike Brazil, 97% of oil exploration is onshore drilling.

It is worth noting that Tuper has already supplied a large tonnage of API pipes to the American market. These exports not only boost the company’s production but also demonstrate international recognition of the quality and acceptance of its products.

This is a significant achievement and shows that the company is gaining relevance in the foreign market, expanding its business volume in the American market and competing with countries like Korea and Japan, going beyond its presence in the Latin American market.

How does oil extraction work in the US?

The American model of oil extraction operates differently from what is practiced in Brazil. In the United States, the government holds auctions for concessions of oil exploration areas, private companies compete, and they pay taxes or royalties on the revenue from this activity. This model tends to encourage competitiveness and, consequently, the development of new technologies.

Looking to the future

Tuper is prepared for the future, not only as a competitive company. The differentiators to expand its presence and ensure competitiveness are based on three pillars: vertical integration, which allows control of quality throughout the entire production chain, the tailor-made production system, which aligns the product application with the customer’s real needs, and reduced delivery times. To complement this, the offered logistics solutions provide great security in cargo shipping operations. The company also believes that investments will be made in the field of thermoelectric energy, and that the Brazilian industry will become quite significant in this segment.

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About Tuper
Tuper is considered a global benchmark in technology for the production of API steel pipes. In addition to pipes for the conveyance and exploration of oil and gas, the company exports structural pipes and pipes for industrial use. Tuper’s oil and gas line uses high-quality carbon steel as raw material and production and finishing processes that ensure product safety and durability. The company also manufactures structural tubular solutions with black or galvanized finishes, industrial conduits, and pipes for electrical conduits, which complement the product line aimed at oil and mineral exploration and other industries. Learn more about Tuper.

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