Steel tubular stakes with Tuper quick connection: more flexibility and savings for work sites

An innovative concept, the system eliminates the need for welding, and speeds up the pile driving process

Por Tuper S/A  |  18 de October de 2021 às 15:04

Tuper tubular stakes count on an innovative splicing concept. Called Quick Connection, the system eliminates the need for welding and speeds up the pile driving process, resulting in savings, quick deadlines and reduced risks.

More agility, safety and savings for your project

The Tuper tubular stakes with quick connection can be used in the foundation process of several civil construction works, including industrial, commercial and residential buildings, and infrastructure works, such as: paper and cellulose industrial plants, shopping centers, airports, bridges, passageways, sports facilities, exhibition facilities, logistics facilities, distribution centers, urban mobility works, broadcast/telecommunications towers, etc.

The tubular stakes with quick connection allow greater productivity when compared to other pile driving methods, as there is no need for welding. Thus, the construction saves time and labor, since the traditional welded splicing process is slow, adding up to 30 minutes for each welded joint. With Tuper Quick Connection, this time is significantly reduced as the welding process is no longer required.

According to Professor Dr. Nelson Aoki, “One of the main advantages of the system is the low risk levels of metal tubular stakes when compared to other foundation solutions.” The stakes are structurally very resistant, and can be applied in any type of soil and depth, allowing the designer and developer responsible for the project to feel at ease.

Tuper offers hollow or mixed piles to the market. In mixed steel and concrete structures, the solution cost becomes intermediate in respect to piles executed with concrete or steel alone, therefore maintaining the competitive differentials and allowing time optimization if used with quick connections.

Initially, the Tuper tubular stake range includes three different diameters and five different thicknesses, resulting in a range of 15 stakes with different load capacities according to the resistance of the filling concrete.

Some competitive advantages 

Capacity to reach great depths and penetrate rigid/compact soils with no need for pre-drilling.

Increased productivity: when Tuper Quick Connections are applied, the pile driving process productivity increases 100%, that is, double the speed in respect to the traditional welding process. This is due to the fact that quick connections only require segment positioning and alignment, and then the connection is made by the power of the hammer strike. The time the team takes to perform the welding, which in average is 20 minutes during the pile driving process plus another 20 minutes to prepare the seam, is converted into production time. Thus, the service total productivity may increase by up to 100%.

In addition, no piles are broken; this is a typical issue with pre-molded concrete stakes.

Smaller team and less equipment: the pile driving service can be performed with only one assistant and without a welder.

Quick Connection, Tuper exclusive evolution for civil construction

Frequently, metal stakes are spliced by top welding the elements and adding side reinforcement splints (also welded). This type of splice is known for being a time-consuming process with little standardization, being many times associated to high cost and risk of occupational accidents.

Tuper developed and patented a quick and efficient type of splice, providing high throughput at reduced cost and risk. This splice fully transmits the compression efforts, and its performance is appropriate for the foundation market, withstanding the handling and piling efforts and maintaining the elements aligned. The quick connection splice may also be appropriate for stakes with traction and bending efforts, respecting the limit values indicated by the manufacturer. In addition, the quick connection system created by Tuper allows applying reinforcements to meet the traction and banding efforts of the project above the characteristics resistance, and therefore can be applied in almost all design situations.

The quick connection is supplied as a single part, with easy handling and ready to be installed at the work site. The outer diameter is manufactured with precision to allow coupling to the inner diameters of the tubular stake, and is provided with side cams that establish the friction between the connection and the pipe. 

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