Mixed ribbed slab reduces labor and promotes savings for civil construction

Product brings flexibility and savings during the construction phase

Por Tuper S/A  |  13 de October de 2021 às 15:09

The Ribbed Mix Slab is an exclusive patent created by Tuper. Consisting of metallic joists, filling elements (EPS) and concrete, allows execution of one-way and two-way slabs. This system requires less labor during the construction phase. With rigid forming, it reaches large spans and consumes less concrete and steel.

The Tuper Ribbed Mixed Slab provides reduction of up to 30% of its own weight in respect to massive slabs, therefore reducing structural and foundation loads. The system counts on an accessory called link pin, also designed by Tuper, which allows easy installation of lining and electric and hydraulic systems without having to drill the slab.

All of these benefits are provided by innovation. Tuper constantly invests in seeking structural and architectonic steel solutions to meet the demands of construction companies and engineering and architecture professionals.

Ideal for any type of work

The Tuper Ribbed Mixed Slab has a different concept, precisely due to its light weight. This concept provides several advantages, such as reduced own weight (when compared to other slabs available in the market) and labor. The ribbed mixed slab consists of a galvanized structural steel joist system with zinc coating. The product offers full traceability and can be used in all sorts of projects, such as vertical, residential and commercial buildings, industrial facilities, houses, etc. It may also be applied to any constructive system (reinforced concrete, metallic structures, pre-molded structures or structural masonry).

How it works: after concrete pouring and removal of struts, it behaves as a mixed system – involving steel and concrete – and explores the best characteristics of each material. The differentials include EPS filling, which allows easy installation of electric and hydraulic pipes.

Project Engineer Roger MerosMüldenberger explains, in a very simple way, the differentials of this system: “Due to the material light weight, the employees at the worksite can lift the joists and place in the final position, according to the project page, without requiring a crane or other special equipment. Another advantage is the reduced load on the joists, pillars and foundation. When the structural project is designed with Tuper slabs, the dimensions of the structural parts can be reduced. This results in overall savings, since the dimensions directly influence the quantity of concrete on the steel beams, pillars and foundations of the reinforcements”.

Roger also emphasizes the tailor-made service that Tuper offers each customer: “Here at Tuper, when we take over a project., we assess the structural dimensions of the slabs, providing safety and respecting the architectonic project, considering the final height of the slab and size required for each joist. Therefore, the materials are shipped to the customer with the correct measurements for each application, avoiding further cutting and waste at the worksite, keeping the place clean.”

“Differently from other companies, Tuper does not sell a product; we sell a system with an innovative concept. Tuper has the know how required by large projects, but can also serve local vendors for smaller projects. This system can be applied to any constructive system”, he concludes.

Among the large projects that use this innovative system, we can mention three ongoing works: Residencial Haus Garden, by ScobinEngenharia, located in the prime area of Maringá (PR), with 19 floors; Residencial Jardim San Paulo, by Marini Construções, in the city of Bento Gonçalves (RS), Borgo neighborhoon, with 14 floors in Tower A; and Residencial Guadalupe III, by GDBC Incorporadora, at BalneárioPiçarras (SC – Brazil), with a total of 18 floors facing the ocean.
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