Mixed slabs


The industrialized system of Tuper ribbed slabs is composed of metallic beams made with high-performance galvanized structural steel, filling element (EPS), distribution reinforcement and concrete.

It presents requirements such as durability, practicality, flexibility in the assembly process, economy in the use of supports and reduction of labor in the structural phase.

It allows the execution of one-way and two-way slabs, reaching large distances with less consumption of concrete and steel.

It reduces about 30% of its own weight compared to solid slabs, thus reducing the load on the structure and foundations.

Another important feature is the weight of the metal beams – only 1/5 the weight of traditional prefabricated and lattice beams, resulting in labour savings and ease of installation as it does not require equipment such as cranes or hoists.

They facilitate the passage of installation ducts, suspended ceilings and finishing works.


This product can be applied in

This product can be applied to all types of construction work, vertical or horizontal buildings for residential, commercial or industrial purposes and can be applied to all building systems.

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- Reduce dead weight 
- Metal beams represent 20% of the weight of traditional precast lattice beams 
- Reduce loads on the structure and foundations 
- Enable one- and two-way slabs 
- Provide a reduction of more than 40% in manpower during slab installation, 
They can be applied to all architectural concepts and building systems 
- metal structures, prefabricated, reinforced concrete, masonry and structural blocks 
- and different types of construction work (residential, industrial, commercial, multi-story buildings, car parks, etc.). 
- Available in structural design software used by engineers and designers
- Reduces structural phase execution time 
- Significantly reduces cutting and bending of steel bars and eliminates waste 
- Allows reduction in the number of struts used 
- Facilitates the passage of installation channels; installation of ceilings and finishing 
- Generates labor savings, with easier installation, does not require equipment (cranes, hoists, etc.).


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  • Electrical & Hydraulic Installations

    Tuper offers this simple, sturdy and easy to assemble pendulum pin that requires no special tools to attach to beams, attaches by pressure (does not damage and can be reused). 
  • Coatings

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  • Metallic joist

    Manufactured from ZAR-345 structural steel, Z275 coated, in accordance with ABNT NBR 7008 standard. 
  • EPS

    Product density can vary from T1F to T3F depending on project needs 


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