Tuper scafflods: flexibility and safety for civil construction

The use of the product may result in up to 40% greater agility to execute the work.

Por Tuper S/A  |  14 de October de 2021 às 11:53

Regarding scaffolds, Tuper is the leader in terms of safety and flexibility. The company works with exclusive models that follow strict national and European safety standards. Before they are launched in the market, the scaffolds undergo rigorous resistance tests. 

Tuper scaffolds can be used in facades as well as rectangular and/or round coatings, according to the customer’s needs. In addition, the promote grater safety for the employees involved in the process, ensuring flexibility for the work.

With the use of scaffolds, the work can be executed at greater speed, ensuring up to 40% total greater agility. Tuper scaffolds are provided with anti-slip flooring, cages with 1m and 1.2 m, headwind lock and baseboard. The manufacturing date is stamped on the components, according to standard NR-18 published by the Ministry of Labor. 

Build faster with Tuper scaffolds

Tuper scaffolds ensure greater agility and mobility. For example, if a project is executed without scaffolds and cages, the employee must be “attached” to a safety belt and a fixed lifeline 100% of the time. That condition wastes a lot of time. Using scaffolds, the operator can walk around freely, as if on the floor, which makes the work much more agile.

Check below the two scaffold models manufactured by Tuper:

• Facade: ideal for facades, reaches up to 76 m in height with no need for special projects, ensuring total safety and increased productivity. Anti-slip work platforms with locking mechanism. 

• Multi-directional: the flexibility allows different uses such as stages, bleachers, industrial maintenance, shipyards and oil platforms, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

In 2019, showing all its versatility, Tuper scaffolds were used as support for the skate park built for the Street League Skateboarding, held at the Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion, in São Paulo. The event counted on the presence of some of the biggest names in skateboarding worldwide.

Tuper scaffolds: more safety for civil construction and for the industry

Besides complying with standards NR-18 and NR13, the Tuper scaffolds also consider other European standards. The pipes used to assemble the scaffolds complied with the provisions of NBR 8261, published by ABNT – Brazilian National Standards Organization – which grants important characteristics for the scaffold manufacturing process, such as: dimensional tolerances to allow easy production and assembly, weldability and preparation of the galvanization process required for scaffolds.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that Tuper scaffolds allow quick assembly and disassembly, forming a rigid and stable structure. All items and assemblies are designed and produced considering the strictest safety attributes regarding the employees and others who circulate the areas in which the scaffolds are installed. 

About Tuper

Tuper is well-established in the Brazilian construction sector. The company, with 50 years of experience, offers a complete line of products specially designed to meet the needs of the construction industry. In addition to serving this segment, it also operates in the automotive, industrial, oil and gas, agriculture, and other sectors.
The extensive portfolio includes black and galvanized carbon steel tubes for industrial, structural, and conduit applications, drawn tubes, tubes for heat exchange, API tubes for the oil and gas market, galvanized conduits, tubular piles for fast-connect foundations, structural metal profiles, automotive parts and components, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) vehicle exhaust systems, automotive exhausts for the aftermarket, metal roofing systems, composite floor decks, scaffolding, props, wall panels, and slitters for use in the construction sector.

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