Tuper delivers over 300 tons of metal roofing sheets for the new Amazon distribution center

Presence at the Distribution Center with Roofing System

Por Tuper S/A  |  29 de January de 2021 às 11:12
Centro de Distribuição Amazon

Tuper is one of Brazil’s largest steel processors, with a prominent position in providing important solutions for the construction sector.

In the current pandemic scenario, one of the segments that has rapidly expanded is that of logistics warehouses and distribution centers, to meet the high demand for online shopping, a habit strengthened by mobility restrictions and the closure of physical stores during this period.

Within this context, a recent case is Tuper’s presence in the construction of the Amazon Distribution Center, a company recognized internationally in the electronics sector. The new center, located in Nova Santa Rita (RS), has been in operation since October 2020 and focuses on serving the Southern region of Brazil and dispatching to other regions, offering 48-hour delivery services. To meet this demand, the center maintains an internal structure operating 24 hours a day.

The project is by the 3SB Logística Group, executed by the company SH Estruturas, a Tuper partner in other projects, located in the largest logistics park in Rio Grande do Sul, with a total area of over 200,000 square meters.

300 tons of quality Tuper metal roofing sheets

In total, Tuper supplied over 300 tons of metal roofing sheets, used in the roofing and lateral closure of the new Amazon distribution center, which has an area of approximately 41,000 square meters.

It’s worth noting that, in addition to the expertise and cutting-edge technology used in its products and manufacturing processes, Tuper strictly adheres to the project’s schedule, with deliveries scheduled and planned in advance by the client. The customer service is dedicated and differentiated, recognized by the market as a Tuper value.

Perfect roofing systems for the project

Tuper offers roofing systems for construction projects, whether in arch, shed, single or double-pitched roofs, and steel lateral closures, providing the following solutions:

  • Traditional roofing sheets
  • Decorative roofing sheets
  • Thermal and acoustic roofing sheets
  • Slitters for zippered roofs

The company offers a complete catalog of solutions. However, if the project requires a customized alternative, the company provides a technical team that analyzes the projects and suggests the best roofing and finishing solutions. All roofing sheet models and finishes can be manufactured in Galvalume® and pre-painted steel.

About Tuper
With over 50 years of experience, Tuper is one of the largest steel processors in Brazil. The company keeps pace with market evolution, offering a wide range of products that meet the most demanding national and international standards. Their product portfolio includes solutions for various industries, including industrial, automotive, construction, agribusiness, oil and gas, among others. In the construction sector, Tuper provides quick-connect tubular piles for foundations, structural steel profiles, metal roofing systems, black and galvanized carbon steel pipes for structural and conduit applications, ribbed composite slabs, scaffolding, props, and slitters. Learn more about Tuper.

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