Tuper’s Galvanized Pipes – features, benefits, and applications

The galvanization process protects steel pipes from corrosion

Por Tuper S/A  |  1 de June de 2023 às 10:28
Tubos Galvanizados Tuper

Among the variety of carbon steel pipes offered in the market, there are galvanized pipes, which are characterized by their high corrosion resistance, made possible by the hot-dip galvanization process the product undergoes.

Hot-dip galvanization involves applying a protective layer to the metal surface by immersing the steel in a bath containing molten zinc. The goal is to protect the steel pipes against corrosion, extending the product’s lifespan and providing a better finish. In practice, oxidation affects the zinc layer, preserving the steel structure. Because of these characteristics, galvanized pipes are an excellent choice for use in fluid conduits, electrical cable networks, and the construction of metal structures.

At Tuper, galvanized pipes, both structural and for conduits, meet strict manufacturing standards in accordance with criteria established by technical regulations.

Pipes that meet ABNT NBR 5580 receive a 400 g/m² zinc layer, while pipes that meet ABNT NBR 5590 feature a superior protective layer with 550 g/m². Both are designed for non-corrosive fluid conduits used in water, gas, compressed air, oil, and steam pipelines.

Tubos Galvanizados Tuper

The ends of conduit pipes can be smooth, beveled, grooved, or threaded – BSP or NPT – according to the pipe standard. Threaded ends are also protected with anti-corrosion oil and come with a plastic protective cap.

Pipes conforming to ABNT NBR 5597 and NBR 5598 standards, which meet the requirements for rigid galvanized electrical conduits used for the passage of wires and electrical cables, receive a 300 g/m² zinc coating suitable for the technical specifications of the regulatory standard.

Eletrodutos Galvanizados Tuper

ABNT NBR 8261 standard regulates pipes for structural uses. These pipes receive a 300g/m² zinc coating and are recommended for use in civil construction for metal structures, scaffolding, columns, foundation piles, the photovoltaic energy sector, among others, and for various market segments, including automotive, agribusiness, and general industry.

Tubos Estruturais Tuper

Differentials Tuper
With one of the most modern production lines in South America, Tuper was one of the first companies in Brazil to carry out continuous hot-dip galvanizing from the year 2010 onwards. This means that, unlike the dripping method, Tuper’s tube galvanization process is done continuously, with control of the internal and external layers, making the layer completely uniform. Also included is normative printing for traceability with manufacturing information.

To learn more about Tuper’s galvanized pipes and other products, designed to efficiently meet various market needs, visit the Markets and Products page on the website or download the catalogs.

About Tuper
With over 50 years of experience, Tuper is one of Brazil’s largest steel processors. The company keeps up with market developments, offering a wide range of products that meet the most demanding national and international standards. The product portfolio includes solutions for industrial, automotive, construction, agribusiness, oil and gas, and other sectors. In the construction sector, the company provides tubular piles for quick foundations, structural metal profiles, metal roofing systems, black and galvanized carbon steel pipes for structural and conduit applications, ribbed composite slabs, scaffolding, panels, and slitters. Learn more about Tuper.

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