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Involving employees and the community is one of the project’s objectives to raise awareness about the importance of preserving natural resources

Por Tuper S/A  |  18 de November de 2021 às 14:45

A recent project, born to formalize a longstanding desire of the corporation: to encourage good practices related to sustainability in daily life. We’re talking about “Attitudes Tuper,” which was created to promote actions that encourage positive changes and sustainable behaviors.

The idea had been under discussion since 2019 and took shape through a coordinated effort by the environmental management department with support from the marketing department. The goal was to reduce the use of disposable cups in the company by distributing mugs made from coconut fibers. Creating an identity was the perfect support to give the project strength on social media and to identify posts related to it. The result was so positive that a group of facilitators was established to encourage practices that could make a difference in the workplace and, if possible, in the community.

From then on, the seed that would yield great fruits was sown. The idea matured and, still in 2019, marketing analyst Mariane Bachel Kellner suggested the name for the project. As of 2020, Tuper Attitudes took shape, a graphic identity coordinated by the marketing area, and became the channel to promote, coordinate and disseminate actions to change attitudes, not only in favor of the environment, but also of conducts that result in savings of resources, energy, increased security or other procedures that may have a positive impact

Awareness through actions

Tuper is not new to adopting sustainability-related measures. The company has a corporate environmental policy, ISO 14001 certification, a 750,000-liter water cistern for use in production processes, 100% clean energy from renewable sources for its industrial plants, and recycles or treats 96% of its waste. Additionally, it maintains an effluent treatment plant and internal programs to monitor air quality, atmospheric emissions, soil, and groundwater.

All of these actions, while fundamental and crucial, did not directly involve employee participation. The Attitudes Tuper project brought individuals closer to action and allowed for direct engagement in these initiatives. It also opened an important channel for receiving and exchanging ideas.

Alessandra Cristine Brusky, environmental management supervisor and one of the project coordinators, reports that training focused on the company’s environmental policy had already been conducted, but there was a need for actions focused on the socio-environmental education of employees and activities that could potentially have an impact on the community. The project filled this need. “It was important to create dynamics in which employees felt like protagonists, took on responsibility themselves. It was necessary for their commitment to go beyond observing and supporting the macro-level actions adopted by the company to reduce environmental impact. The project made this kind of leadership possible,” says Alessandra. She believes that in just one year, positive results can be counted in actions like distributing tree seedlings, for example. The seedlings were given in exchange for plastic bottle caps, which, after collection, were converted into sponsorship for the spaying and neutering of stray animals, creating a virtuous cycle.

The ecopoint, located near the Tubos unit entrance, is also worth mentioning. Employees and the community have used the space primarily to dispose of electronic items and cooking oil, which can then be properly treated through donations to a cooperative, supporting the income of families who work as collectors. The container used received graffiti art by artist Deleon Ribeiro, inspired by the local ecosystem and the relationship between humans and the environment.

The project will undoubtedly expand the portfolio of actions, bringing awareness and encouragement for many to rethink habits and modify individual and collective behaviors for a more sustainable life.

Check out the actions promoted by the project in its first year of operation:

  • Distribution of over five hundred mugs made from coconut fiber with the project’s logo and encouragement for posting content with sustainable actions using the hashtag #TuperAttitudes
  • Distribution of tree seedlings in celebration of Tree Week in exchange for plastic bottle caps, which were donated to a social project in the municipality of São Bento do Sul to support the spaying and neutering of stray animals. The campaign had two editions, with the donation of 4,500 tree seedlings and the collection of 560 kilograms of bottle caps
  • Installation of an ecopoint for the collection of electronic materials, cooking oil, and other items, which are later donated to the Waste Pickers Cooperative of São Bento do Sul (SC – Brazil)
  • Raising awareness through the distribution of explanatory pamphlets made from seed paper
  • Distribution of 500 reusable water bottles to employees and their family members
  • Virtual ecological challenge in celebration of Environment Week: using a mobile app, employees and their family members accessed routes that passed through various ecosystems to emphasize the importance of environmental conservation; as a result, 560 kilograms of food were collected and converted into food baskets donated to APAE and the ACEPRED Therapeutic Community
  • Encouragement of proper waste disposal through the collection of 11 tons of recyclable materials, which were converted into over one ton of pet food donated to projects that shelter rescued animals
  • Encouragement of employees to share stories of sustainable actions and tips for sharing with all other company employees.

Discover the actions on our Sustainability page.

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