Automotive catalyst: key element of your vehicle

Part installed after the exhaust manifold to filter toxic residues and reduce wear

Por Tuper S/A  |  11 de October de 2021 às 15:55

The automotive catalyst is considered one of the most important technological inventions for motor vehicles. This part is essential to preserve health and the environment. It is installed right after the exhaust gas manifold (close to the engine), filtering gases that may be harmful to nature and health and reducing vehicle wear, besides attenuating the noise levels.

Tuper catalysts are manufactured according to Inmetro Deere No. 547, from 12/17/2014, which ensures that the product comply with user health and safety requirements.

Check out some signs that may indicate that it is time to change your catalyst:

– The car does not move when you step on the gas pedal
– Increased fuel consumption;
– Engine rpm increases in low gear;
– If the catalyst ceramics melts, it may clog the exhaust system, increasing back pressure and shutting down the engine.

Issues with catalysts usually have an external source

Most of the times, catalyst problems are due to external factors, such as: engine oil leaking from the exhaust system, poor quality of the fuel being used, ignition and electronic injection failure, etc. In addition, driving with low fuel levels in the vehicle gas tank may cause false explosions due to irregular supply. Thus, the catalyst internal temperature rises and damages the part.

Finally, remember that Tuper catalysts follow the technical standards and characteristics defined by car manufacturers. This ensures total operational excellence and vehicle adequacy, working with the same safety and quality levels as the original part.

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