Japanese companies seek Tuper for new businesses

Currently, Japan is the third largest automotive manufacturer in the world.

Por Tuper S/A  |  4 de October de 2021 às 10:58

The year 2020 was busy at Tuper, due to the high demand from Japanese car manufacturers. The company was able to develop its products even more and expand the list of clients with names such as Yorozu, Tashi-S and Toyota. In addition, Tuper also supplies products to Honda since 2007. These new businesses show the company’s high level of quality, development and service. The Japanese automotive industry is one of the largest in the world. Currently, Japan is the third largest automotive manufacturer in the world. Japanese investments have supported the growth of the automotive industry in several countries in the last decades. Currently, this industry is recognized all around the world as a synonym of quality and advanced technology and, therefore, Tuper is proud to supply parts to the Japanese industry. Growing in the Brazilian automotive industry Although the Brazilian automotive industry showed a drop of 31.6% in vehicle production in 2020, the number of cars and other automotive vehicles on the streets of the country keep rising. IBGE revealed an average of one car for every four inhabitants. Ten years ago, the proportion was 7.4 inhabitants per car.
Altogether, there are more than 65 million vehicles in circulation in Brazil. The number is impressive, and shows the relevance of the market. This also indicates the population is in great need for vehicle maintenance and conservation services Tuper, market leader

The company is one of the market leaders for commercial vehicle exhaust systems, and also operates in the light vehicle, agricultural machinery and construction machinery segments. The products meet the strictest environmental standards, such as Proconve P7 (EURO V). The catalysts of the brand stand out for being certified by Inmetro, and are designed according to the technical standards and characteristics defined by the car manufacturers, working as original parts. This only reinforces the idea that Tuper is one of the main suppliers for the national and international automotive segments.

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Tuper is one of the largest steel processors in Latin America, with a 50-year history. The company boasts one of the most advanced technological setups for the production of steel tubes, with eight business units across three industrial plants and a capacity to process 826,000 tons of steel per year. In addition to its original automotive sector, Tuper also operates in the fields of exhausts and catalytic converters (for the aftermarket market), industry, oil and gas, civil construction, and agribusiness. The extensive portfolio includes black and galvanized carbon steel tubes for industrial, structural, and conduit applications, drawn tubes, tubes for heat exchange, API tubes for the oil and gas market, galvanized conduits, tubular piles for quick foundation connections, metallic structural profiles, automotive parts and components, exhaust systems for original vehicles, automotive exhausts for the aftermarket, metal roofing systems, ribbed composite slabs, scaffolding, shoring, paneling, and slitters for use in civil construction applications.
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