Tuper exhausts and catalysts stands out for its distinguishing features

Quality is the result of know-how, dedication and infrastructure prepared to serve the market

Por Tuper S/A  |  6 de October de 2021 às 15:51

Tuper is one of the main suppliers of exhausts and catalysts for the automotive industry, and the only company in the country that supplies for the car manufacturers and replacement market simultaneously. Tuper products are known for their quality and broad range or parts.

All of this quality is the result of consolidated know-how, strong work and dedicated professionals who integrate the company staff, besides the infrastructures exclusively focused on serving the growing demand and tough market. The quality of the raw materials and cutting-edge technology employed in manufacturing processes make the difference for the final product and ensure customer satisfaction and safety.

With the capacity to produce three million parts per year for the replacement market alone, and a logistic and commercial network installed in 21 points int he country, Tuper serves customers, retailers and distributors with great efficiency. These figures prove the market recognition: currently, Tuper is one of the largest steel processing companies in the country, leader in several segments and with the greatest productive capacity of the sector in Latin America.

In the Exhausts and Catalysts segment, the company’s goal is to serve the replacement market with the best solutions, with quality and at a fair price. The company was the first in Brazil to manufacture complete exhaust systems, including the engine pipe, catalyst, intermediate muffler and rear muffler. The factory complies with all quality certification technical requirements, related to both products and processes.

The company’s 21 Distribution Centers (DCs) are located in several regions in the country, allowing the products to be delivered to customers quickly and according to retail dynamics. Tuper exhausts and catalysts follow the standard and technical characteristics defined by the car manufacturers, which ensures total vehicle operational and adaptation excellence, working as the original part.

All catalysts produced are certified by Inmetro, and mufflers are manufactured according to Conama Resolution No. 418, which establishes the noise levels allowed for motor vehicles.

About Tuper
About Tuper With over 50 years of experience, Tuper is now one of the largest steel processors in Latin America. The company keeps pace with market evolution, offering extensive product lines that meet the most demanding national and international standards. Thanks to its high-quality standards, modern manufacturing facilities, and excellent products, the company operates in important sectors of the economy beyond the automotive market, including the oil and gas, construction, industry, and agribusiness sectors. Learn more about Tuper Exhaust Systems and Catalytic Converters.

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