Learn how to identify signs of wear and tear in your vehicle’s exhaust system

Exhaust systems require regular inspections for proper functioning

Por Tuper S/A  |  1 de September de 2021 às 16:04

The exhaust system is essential for the proper functioning of a vehicle. Regular inspections are crucial to prevent problems such as increased engine noise, gas emissions, and higher fuel consumption. The exhaust system is an item of much greater importance than is usually imagined.

Proper maintenance prevents various issues, such as a loss of performance, an increase in fuel consumption, higher noise levels, and even vehicle depreciation. Furthermore, a lack of maintenance also leads to increased emissions of pollutants, thereby harming the quality of the air we breathe.

Regular inspections are necessary

The recommendation is to have regular inspections of the entire exhaust system. It’s worth noting that the exhaust system consists of the manifold or engine pipe, catalytic converter, flexible pipes, intermediate muffler, and rear muffler. Even if corrosion occurs only in the rear muffler due to the lower temperature in this part of the exhaust system and greater contact with water generated in the gas transformation process, it’s important to inspect the entire vehicle’s exhaust system. This way, the owner can be sure that the system is functioning properly.

Additionally, the driver should pay attention to any noises coming from the exhaust. Unusual noises can be a sign of problems such as a broken catalytic converter, punctured mufflers, or faulty connections between parts. Finally, to avoid problems with your car such as body corrosion, excessive noise, and excessive pollution, keep the exhaust system maintenance up to date. If you need to replace the system, choose Tuper parts.

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