Tuper becomes stronger in the automotive market under a single name – Tuper Automotive

The strategy aims to reinforce synergy between products and the market

Por Tuper S/A  |  29 de September de 2021 às 10:54

As of June, the three Tuper business units that operate in the automotive segment are known as Tuper Automotive. This consolidation strengthens the brand in the market even more. As one of the largest steel processing companies in the country, Tuper wants to display greater corporate unity and synergy among all segments served.

The change involved the units that supply products for the OEM (car manufacturers and systemists) and aftermarket (replacement) segments, whose trading names changed to Tuper Automotive. The Aftermarket Parts, Systems and Exhaust units are part of this consolidation, and an additional signature was included to identify the focus of each unit.

• Tuper Automotive – Parts
• Tuper Automotive – Systems
• Tuper Automotive – Exhaust Systems

The change shows that we are in constant evolution, moving and strengthening our actuation in several segments. We want to consolidate our actuation in the automotive segment, showing that we work as an integrated company that focuses on the challenges and opportunities in the market”, clarifies Jailson Rodrigo Planca, Tuper Corporate Commercial Director. In the year in which the company celebrates 50 years of its foundation, Tuper has already launched a new brand to reinforce the concepts of innovation, technology and dynamism. The company from Santa Catarina has also defined its new purpose: to inspire people to create surprising solutions.

About Tuper
Tuper is one of the largest steel processors in Latin America, with over 50 years of history. The company boasts one of the most advanced technological setups for steel tube formation, with eight business units across three industrial plants and a processing capacity of 826,000 tons of steel per year. In addition to its original and aftermarket automotive sector, it also operates in various other industries including manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, agriculture, and more. The extensive product portfolio includes black and galvanized carbon steel tubes for industrial, structural, and conduit applications, drawn tubes, tubes for heat exchange, API tubes for the oil and gas market, galvanized conduits, tubular piles with quick connection, structural metal profiles, automotive parts and components, original equipment exhaust systems, automotive aftermarket exhausts, metal roofing systems, ribbed composite floors, scaffolding, shoring, paneling, and slitters for use in construction. Learn more about Tuper.

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