Tuper’s quality products are essential for the Brazilian agricultural sector

The industry is present, directly or indirectly, in the country’s main production chains

Por Tuper S/A  |  30 de August de 2021 às 19:16

Tuper is one of the largest steel transformers in Brazil and is directly and indirectly present in the country’s major production chains. In the agricultural sector, one of the most important economic segments worldwide, the steel solutions offered by the company meet various needs of this market.

Tuper in the Silo Market

According to forecasts, Brazil is expected to close the 2020/2021 crop with 273.8 million tons of grains produced. However, storage capacity is not growing as fast as production and has a deficit of 122 million tons (data from Conab – National Supply Company), considering only the relationship between production size and the static capacity of warehouses. In other words, storage becomes an important and challenging aspect of the country’s agriculture.

You might be wondering how silos can help with storage. It’s simple! A silo is essentially an agricultural improvement designed for the storage of products, typically bulk-stored (not bagged) inside. The dimensions and technical characteristics of each silo depend on their intended purpose, and they are crucial for grain storage.

Tuper supplies steel pipes for the silo market and is also present in this market with an extensive and comprehensive range of steel solutions, ranging from pipes to parts and exhaust systems for agricultural implements such as planters, irrigation pivots, sprayers, harvesters, road implements, grain carriers, tippers, forestry equipment, silos, and greenhouses. Everything is produced with high-quality and certified steel. The company has partnerships with mills for the development of special steels that meet the requirements and needs of any customer. The items for various purposes are developed using medium and high-strength steel, which results in a lightweight and durable final product.

About Tuper
Tuper provides steel solutions for the agricultural sector, with the quality of its products associated with various machines and equipment used in various production phases, participating from the opening of new planting areas to the arrival of products at the tables of Brazilians. Seeders, irrigation pivots, sprayers, harvesters, road implements, grain carriers, tippers, forestry equipment, silos, and greenhouses – all of these use Tuper products.

The company is one of the main suppliers of steel pipes, profiles, and sheets for the agricultural machinery and equipment sector. Tuper’s products are present in different phases of the agricultural chain. In addition, the company also offers other solutions for the segment, such as tubular parts, exhaust systems, and metal roofing.
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