Custom model caters to the oil and gas sector in the American market

Adequação do produto e prazo reduzido são características competitivas para exportação aos EUA

Por Tuper S/A  |  3 de September de 2021 às 17:03
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Have you heard of the tailor-made business model? It’s what allows Tuper to expand its presence in niche markets, meaning projects tailored to each client. This means customizing the logistics solution according to the client’s demand.

Tailor-made allows Tuper to add strategic advantages to business proposals by following steps such as needs assessment, proposal and action plan approval, and project execution according to the personalized guidelines established in the first phase.

Agility in Delivery

Tuper’s steel pipes for gas and oil pipelines adapt well to American soil conditions, such as high-pressure areas or adverse environmental characteristics, competing head-to-head with Korean and Japanese pipes. However, Tuper’s API pipes have a shorter delivery time compared to competitors, reducing the period to less than half the regulatory time. With a customized delivery model to the United States, in 2020, the company exported over 30,000 tons of pipes to the American market, specifically for the oil and gas sector.

Tuper’s clients can be certain of receiving the product within the stipulated timeframe, ensuring more cost-effectiveness and establishing the company as a recognized supplier in the foreign market.

About Tuper

Tuper’s line of oil and gas pipes is made of carbon steel with production and finishing processes that ensure safety according to international and national standards for the product. The company also produces structural tubular solutions with black or galvanized finishes, pipes for conduits, industrial applications, and for electrical conduits, complementing the product line aimed at oil and gas exploration and transportation. With 50 years of experience, Tuper is one of the largest steel processors in Latin America. Learn more about Tuper.

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