Gasmig initiates construction of the Central-West Gas Pipeline in Minas Gerais with Tuper steel pipes

The project launch ceremony was attended by the Governor of the State of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema, other authorities, and representatives from various sectors of the community

Por Tuper S/A  |  6 de March de 2024 às 14:00
Tuper na obra do gasoduto SEMIG

An event in the municipality of Juatuba, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, marked the beginning of construction of the Central-West Project by the Minas Gerais Gas Company – Gasmig. With the presence of the Governor of the State of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema, and representatives from various sectors of public and private society, including the president and CEO of Tuper, Frank Bollmann, the ceremony took place on March 4th.

The act initiated the process of expanding the Natural Gas Distribution System (SDGN), which will receive an investment of over R$800 million and has the potential to generate more than 15,000 new direct and indirect jobs.

The work expands the distribution of natural gas to the population of Minas Gerais

The pipeline is expected to pass through eight municipalities in Minas Gerais: Betim, Divinópolis, Igarapé, Itaúna, Juatuba, Mateus Leme, São Joaquim de Bicas, and Sarzedo. Together, these cities account for 10% of the industrial Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 7% of the total GDP of Minas Gerais, and have approximately 1 million inhabitants, or 5% of the state’s population. The project is eagerly anticipated by the productive sector and the population.

According to Gilberto Valle, president of Gasmig, “in Brazil, only 13% of the population uses natural gas as an energy source, but in Minas Gerais, we are expanding this usage. And we have great opportunities in the segment. But we want to expand, and we are resuming major investments. By 2027, it will be approximately R$2.3 billion. And, if we add up until 2032, we will invest R$5.2 billion.”

Frank Bollman, president and CEO of Tuper, adds: “Tuper has participated in important pipeline projects in several states of Brazil. We have a wide range of products and services that have effectively met the demands of the oil and gas sector. We are honored by Tuper’s presence in the development of our country’s infrastructure.”

Tuper is involved in the project with API 5L Conduction Pipes

The Central-West Gas Pipeline is the largest expansion project in the segment since 2010. The construction will allow an increase of approximately 300 km in the extension of pipeline lines, a 23% increase in the company’s current network. The estimated natural gas consumption potential of the project is around 230,000 m³/day. The projected capture is nearly 1,000 new industrial and commercial customers.

The West Region of Minas Gerais is home to an important industrial hub but lacked natural gas distribution infrastructure. The fuel is known for its low pollutant emissions.

For this project, Tuper is supplying approximately 120 km of API 5L Pipes with triple-layer polyethylene external coating, in various diameters ranging from 2″ to 10″.

Know more about Tuper’s API 5L Pipes: technology and quality for pipeline projects

Tuper’s API 5L pipes for Line Pipe applications offer an effective combination of strength and toughness. They meet the demands and requirements of different onshore projects in the oil and gas industry. Thus, they represent a reliable and efficient solution for various pipeline applications.

Check out some technical characteristics of API 5L pipes manufactured by Tuper: Grades: B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70 Specification level: PSL-1 and PSL-2 Sizes: 60.30 mm (2 ⅜”) to 323.90 mm (12 ¾”) Length of black pipes: 6 m to 14 m Length of coated pipes: 8 m to 13.5 m

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Source: Gasmig News

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