Grooved in carbon steel conduit pipes – get to know the characteristics and applicationss

The process makes installation and handling easier than threaded or welded systems

Por Tuper S/A  |  16 de December de 2022 às 11:05

Grooved pipes, or grooved tubes, are those that feature a kind of groove at their ends. This creates a more modern and easily installed union system, distinguishing this method from other types of joints.

There are two production processes for grooved pipes in steel: rolling and machining. In rolling, dies are used to create friction on the material’s surface until a groove or declivity is formed in the steel. In simpler terms, a kind of channel is formed that will serve as a fitting for seals, couplings, or methods of attachment to another pipe.

For larger-sized pipes, the machining process is used to create the groove for coupling by removing steel from the pipe.

At Tuper, grooved features are applied to pipes that conform to the ABNT NBR 5580 and NBR 5590 standards, classified as conduit pipes.


The main advantage of the grooved system is its ease of installation and maintenance, as it does not require threading or welding for assembly.

These pipes are perfect for fire protection networks, as well as various other applications according to project specifications. They are widely accepted in the market due to factors such as ease and safety.

At Tuper, grooved conduit pipes are produced following strict manufacturing processes and safety standards to ensure quality, excellent performance, and cost-effectiveness.

To learn about the technical specifications, characteristics, and applications, visit our website under Markets and Products and check out the catalogs in the downloads section.

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