Cold-drawn steel tubes – learn more about characteristics and applications

Excellence in raw material selection and strict controls in production processes ensure final quality

Por Tuper S/A  |  14 de July de 2022 às 15:02

In the drawing process, the steel tube is stretched using a tensile force with the help of internal and external tools, altering the dimensions, mechanical properties, and surface finish of the product, thereby adding more strength to the steel.

Materials derived from this technique are very versatile and can be applied in various industrial sectors and in construction, among others. Just out of curiosity, did you know that even the paper clips you use in your daily routine are a result of the drawing process?

Tuper Cold-Drawn Steel Tubes

To meet a wide range of applications in different market segments, Tuper produces high-precision cold-drawn tubes from its own production of welded tubes. The quality of the products is ensured through monitoring systems and inspections carried out at each stage of the production process, in compliance with relevant application standards.

The result is a product with greater dimensional precision, optimized mechanical properties, and low roughness surfaces.

Among the possible applications is the manufacturing of parts used in motorcycles, agricultural machinery, and heavy-duty vehicles in the yellow line (hydraulics).

In the automotive parts industry, for example, cold-drawn steel tubes can be used to manufacture parts such as shock absorbers, stabilizer bars, tie rods, suspension bushings, steering columns, drive shafts, cross car beams, front and rear seat structures, among others.

Tuper produces carbon steel tubes with welding, cold-drawn, in round and special profiles.

Some of the key characteristics of the cold-drawn steel tubes produced by Tuper include:

  • Excellence in raw material selection
  • Application of strict quality control
  • Compliance with product and process management standards, such as ASTM A 513 TYPE 5, ASTM A 214, DIN EN 10305-2, NBR 5599, IATF 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001

To learn more about the properties, advantages, and applications of Tuper’s cold-drawn steel tubes, visit the downloads page on the website and looking for the Cold-Drawn Tubes Catalog.

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