TEC – a unit celebrates 15 years of existence and is now named Tuper Automotive – Parts

The unit celebrates 15 years with a journey of market achievements, certifications, awards, and contracts with major players in the automotive sector

Por Tuper S/A  |  11 de November de 2021 às 14:49

The year 2021 marks the celebration of Tuper’s fiftieth anniversary and also the fifteenth anniversary of TEC, a unit established in 2006. TEC was founded with the purpose of manufacturing products with even more added value, tailored to the specific needs of the two and four-wheeled automotive industry, including tubular parts and components as well as drawn tubes for various market segments.

To meet this demand and the high standards of the automotive industry, the company heavily invested in technology at the unit, acquiring specialized machinery and equipment, much of which came from countries like Germany and Italy. From its inauguration to the present day, the journey has involved research, gaining technical knowledge, implementing production processes, market expansion, and recognition through certifications, awards, and contracts with major players in the automotive sector.

New name to resignify objectives

When it was inaugurated, the unit was named TEC – Tubos Especiais e Componentes (Special Tubes and Components). Continuous evolution paved new paths, and as of June 2021, the unit’s name was changed to Tuper Automotive – Parts. This change was a strategic decision that involved two other units: TES, which became Tuper Automotive – Systems, and the Exhaust unit, which was renamed Tuper Automotive – Exhausts. The “Automotive” umbrella term was introduced to conceptually encompass the units that manufacture products for both the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) automotive sector (automakers and system suppliers) and the aftermarket (replacement parts). This branding clarifies the focus of operations and further solidifies the brand’s presence in the automotive segment.

Changes in the present and positive projections for the future

Consolidation of the unit’s core business and mapping of major customers and potential markets are highlights of the current moment for the unit. According to Renato Colagrande Junior, Sales Manager for the automotive segment, in 2021, as a result of the work done over these 15 years, there was a 61.3% increase in revenue compared to 2019, the best year for the Parts unit’s revenue, a significant milestone achieved even during the pandemic. Renato emphasizes that “new items have actively contributed to this sales volume, which is essential for the business’s longevity. In an automotive unit, older items are undoubtedly important, but renewal is essential to ensure continuity in a constantly evolving market.”

Innovation is also an indicator for the future. According to Renato, the unit is already preparing for the future of the automotive industry, which foresees adaptation to new forms of energy. Materials are already being produced to meet environmental protection requirements, for example. Likewise, vehicle safety, both in design and technology, is also being addressed. Tuper meets this demand, and the parts manufactured by the company are present in areas such as seats, panels, and vehicle sides. Renato emphasizes that working in the unit, beyond technical aspects and market representation, means personal growth. “It’s a great experience for a professional to join a company with tradition, which has so much potential and seeks to deeply understand the market, the customer, and also serves major global brands. […] It is undoubtedly an achievement.

From inception to today, a lot of history to tell

Udo Hans Sonntag, Industrial Manager, explains that TEC was born out of the need to add more value to the tubes produced in the industrial tubes unit. Initially, equipment was acquired for heat treatment, chemical treatment, drawing, among others, but soon new demands arose, and to meet them, new equipment such as presses, laser cutting and machining machines, and production cells for two-wheeled vehicle components were acquired. From there, the natural trajectory was growth. The unit serves as a supplier of original parts to automakers and system suppliers, which account for the largest volume of deliveries. “We can see that the market we serve is quite demanding and requires responses of the highest caliber, which we achieve through strict quality control rules and a technologically up-to-date production facility combined with a highly specialized team, practices already incorporated into the company’s culture. The quality of the products is recognized as a benchmark, as is the ability to adapt to a highly dynamic market,” concludes Udo.

About Tuper

Tuper is one of the largest steel processors in Latin America. With over 50 years of history, the company boasts one of the most advanced technological setups for steel tube formation, consisting of eight business units across three industrial plants and a processing capacity of 826,000 tons of steel per year. In addition to its presence in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) automotive sector, it also operates in the exhaust and catalytic converter aftermarket, industry, oil and gas, construction, and agribusiness. The extensive portfolio includes black and galvanized carbon steel tubes for industrial, structural, and conduit applications, drawn tubes, API tubes for the oil and gas market, galvanized conduits, tubular piles for quick-connect foundations, structural metal profiles, automotive parts and components, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) vehicle exhaust systems, aftermarket automotive exhausts, metal roofing systems, composite floor decks, scaffolding, props, wall panels, and slitters for use in the construction sector. Learn more about Tuper.

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