Tuper initiates the carbon footprint mapping process

Adoption of measures to reduce gas emissions is part of the evolutionary process of the production chain

Por Tuper S/A  |  11 de May de 2022 às 15:18

Especially in the last decade, the perception of consumption and production chains has been gradually changing. The population is showing more concern for the environment, and companies are seeking ecologically conscious positions to reduce environmental impacts.

With a focus on climate change and the protection of communities and businesses, industries are adopting policies related to the Carbon Zero movement, which aims to reduce or neutralize the emission of this gas into the atmosphere.

In addition to all the positive impact on the environment, the adoption of measures to reduce carbon emissions can lead to the capture of new markets that already require environmental certifications and value institutional policies related to sustainability. These changes have triggered the development of new operational practices and the emergence of technologies aimed at driving innovations and preparing for the future. Tuper, aware of the importance of this movement, began implementing measures in March to enable the management of greenhouse gas emissions by the company.

Ongoing Project

The topic of climate change is increasingly in the spotlight as a social and economic agenda. As a result, several customers are already taking action in this direction and encouraging suppliers to adopt the same practice. According to Alessandra Cristine Brusky, Environmental Management Supervisor at Tuper, “In 2022, Tuper begins the journey of carbon emission management. We have just entered the phase of creating the emission inventory to understand our emission process, based on the previous year. We will soon have the mapping of emission information“. There is also a plan to create a committee to involve various areas of the company in program-related activities, with the definition of goals and actions.

Tuper has joined the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program, linked to FGV EAESP – Center for Sustainability Studies, with internationally recognized methodology adapted to the national reality. The program provides training, tools, and methodology for the correct preparation of emission inventories. Through participation in the program, and after the publication of the inventory’s conclusion, the company will receive a classification seal based on the level of detail and approach to emissions.

All of this process aligns with the actions that the company has already been taking, such as reducing energy consumption through energy efficiency initiatives. Alessandra also comments that Tuper understands its significant responsibility as a reference company in the region where it is headquartered and that sustainability is crucial to meet the new demands of society. “Although there is currently no specific legislation requiring us to manage emissions, we understand that this is the way forward”. Companies’ inventory management improves their relationship with society, stakeholders, and offers advantages such as cost reduction and increased competitiveness in the market.

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