Tuper Ribbed Mixed Slabs offer quality and cost savings

The system allows for the construction of one-way and two-way slabs, achieving large spans with lower concrete consumption

Por Tuper S/A  |  30 de March de 2022 às 15:36

Mixed slabs, also known as slabs with incorporated steel formwork, are those in which, during the final phase of the process, concrete acts structurally in conjunction with steel. The mixed slab consists of a profiled steel sheet on which concrete is placed, containing an upper reinforcement designed to control material cracking. After the hardening of the concrete in combination with the steel, a single structural element is formed.

Usually, the thickness of the metal joists varies between 0.65mm, 0.80mm, and 1.25mm, functioning as a tensile reinforcement for the slab. In the initial phase, before the concrete reaches 75% of the specified compressive strength, the steel formwork independently supports the permanent actions and the construction overload.

The slab manufactured by Tuper is an innovative system of ribbed slabs, which stands out mainly for its practicality, economy, and rationalization of raw materials and labor, in addition to being more competitive for medium and large span structures, with differentiating characteristics being speed of execution and reduction of the total weight of the structure.

The Tuper ribbed mixed slab system is basically composed of metal joists made of high-performance galvanized structural steel, filling elements, distribution reinforcement, and cast-in-place concrete.

Advantages and benefits on the construction site

Among the main advantages of Tuper’s ribbed mixed slabs, we can mention that they allow the execution of one-way and two-way slabs, achieving large spans with less consumption of concrete and steel. Furthermore, they reduce the own weight by about 30% compared to solid slabs, significantly reducing loads on the structure and foundations. The system can be used in all types of construction, including vertical buildings, residential and commercial buildings, industrial works, and other construction systems, such as reinforced concrete, steel structure, precast structure, or structural masonry.

Visit the downloads page of the website to learn more about the technical specifications of the system by downloading the Tuper Ribbed Mixed Slabs Manual.

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