Buggy: Tuper Exhausts has a complete kit for the little adventurer

Perfect for hot climates and sandy terrains, the car has specific features and components

Por Tuper S/A  |  8 de November de 2023 às 09:03
Buggy - Escapamentos Tuper

Designed for the California sands in the mid-60s, the minimalist design of the Buggy quickly won a legion of admirers, including in Brazil.

The open body, without functional doors, commonly built by modifying the structure of the Volkswagen Beetle, is perfect for conveying a sense of freedom to the driver while navigating tourist or urban routes.

It’s common to find one of these driving in coastal areas of the country, as part of the adventure tourism packages in these locations.

It’s important to remember that this type of vehicle, despite its unique characteristics, is subject to the same traffic rules legally enforced in Brazilian territory.

And to be able to tackle wild dunes or simply to be appreciated by enthusiastic buggy drivers at specially organized events for the segment, the brave adventurer needs a complete and quality exhaust system.

Tuper offers the complete kit for the assembly or replacement of buggy exhaust components, with parts ranging from the Engine Tube, Tubular Collector to Muffler and Tips.

Just visit escapamenots.tuper.com.br and use our electronic catalog to select the desired items.

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