Fuel Savings: the exhaust system can be an important ally

Proper operation and regular maintenance help ensure good performance

Por Tuper S/A  |  1 de March de 2023 às 13:42

Filling up your car isn’t easy on the wallet these days. The good news is that when your vehicle’s exhaust system is functioning properly, it can be an important ally in fuel savings and, consequently, your budget.

For example, a pipe without holes or cracks allows the gases from fuel combustion to pass through the entire exhaust system circuit – from the collector tube to the Lambda probes, catalytic converter, intermediate muffler, intermediate tube, rear muffler, and tailpipe – without leaks and under ideal pressure conditions, which positively influences the vehicle’s performance.

If all these components are in perfect condition and properly adjusted, each of them will perform its function efficiently throughout the entire process.

Lambda probes work in conjunction with the electronic fuel injection system to determine the balance of air-fuel mixture concentrations, preventing excessive burning and thus reducing fuel consumption.

It’s also important to keep the exhaust system components with their original dimensions. Replacing components with larger diameters alters the gas flow pressure, which can impact increased fuel consumption.

To ensure the perfect operation of the exhaust system and, therefore, fuel savings, we emphasize the importance of regular preventive maintenance as recommended for your vehicle model. If there is a recommendation to replace parts, always choose approved parts that respect the original dimensions suggested by the manufacturer.

Tuper manufactures high-quality parts and accessories recognized by the market, adhering to the strictest standards required by automakers. Visit our website to explore our product range.

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