Catalyst: pay attention to the 80,000 km review

Details such as correct installation, the integrity of the component, monitoring the heat level, and checking for leaks can ensure the perfect operation of the equipment

Por Tuper S/A  |  11 de July de 2023 às 10:13
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After reaching 80,000 kilometers, it is essential to take your vehicle to an authorized workshop for the preventive review of the catalytic converter. Paying attention to some important details can ensure that the component continues to function perfectly and remains effective in transforming polluting gases into less harmful substances for the atmosphere.

The aspects observed during this process mainly concern the correct installation, the integrity of the component – checking for deformities or breakages resulting from impacts or ground scraping, and the level of heat or leaks.

All of these factors can have different causes and negatively impact the catalytic converter’s performance. It’s important to analyze each one separately for a comprehensive and satisfactory review.

Integrity of the component

Visual inspection often reveals deformities that can affect the catalytic converter’s performance. Incorrect ground clearance, for example, is one of the factors that can increase the chances of impacts and cracks.

It is also important to check the catalytic converter’s installation, including the correct positioning of the inlet and outlet cones for gases, as well as the positions and connections of the sensor.

Heat level

Excessive heat can melt the internal ceramic structure of the catalytic converter, preventing the chemical reactions that transform polluting gases into less harmful substances for the environment. To detect this issue, during the review, the mechanic can use a hammer or another tool to tap the component gently and check for a muffled sound, indicating that the ceramic is intact.

The increase in the ideal temperature can also be caused by clogs in components, resulting from an excess of fuel in the mixture, which can burn outside the combustion chamber and, consequently, corrode the catalytic converter’s ceramic. A thermometer is an essential tool for the mechanic during the review.


The torque of the exhaust system components should also be observed during the review. Looseness at any previous stage can cause gas leaks before the catalytic converter can act. Consequently, untreated gases will be expelled into the atmosphere with pollutant levels far above regulations.

Leaks also affect the ideal air-fuel mixture ratio and gas backpressure, causing the catalytic converter to function incorrectly.

Well-executed periodic reviews, following the intervals defined by automakers, extend the catalytic converter’s lifespan, reducing maintenance and replacement costs while preserving other related components.

If it becomes necessary to replace the component, always choose catalytic converters that have been tested and approved by INMETRO, with recognized provenance and quality. Choose a brand that manufactures one in every three replacement exhausts sold in Brazil. Visit the website to explore the exhaust and catalytic converter models manufactured by Tuper.

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