Adulterated catalysts can pose a danger

Modifying the exhaust system can lead to vehicle damage and risks to the driver

Por Tuper S/A  |  11 de August de 2022 às 14:06

An important warning should be issued to consumers regarding counterfeit catalytic converters. When purchasing the component, it’s essential to verify if the product comes in standardized packaging with the manufacturer’s brand, application specifications, a warranty certificate, and an invoice. Data from Cetesb (Environmental Sanitation Technology Company) reveals that approximately 8 million vehicles in the country are equipped with counterfeit or adulterated catalytic converters.

According to the Agência AutoInforme portal, to adulterate a catalytic converter, the internal ceramic is removed and replaced with a piece of perforated exhaust pipe, which is welded to the metal casing of the catalytic converter. Other forms of adulteration can occur due to the use of non-certified monoliths without noble metals, resulting in poor quality and catalytic efficiency.

Counterfeit parts can damage the vehicle, compromise engine performance, cause electronic injection system misalignment, alter the exhaust system backpressure, and significantly increase fuel consumption. Additionally, they may fail to convert the vehicle’s exhaust gases, releasing pollutants into the atmosphere.

An authentic catalytic converter consists of internal ceramics made up of noble metals responsible for converting the engine’s pollutants into harmless substances for the environment. It’s also recommended to pay attention to the replacement interval of the part and oversee the procedure. In the replacement market, the warranty usually covers up to forty thousand kilometers, varying according to the vehicle model.

For your safety, your vehicle’s well-being, and environmental conservation, use components from reputable brands and choose qualified professionals for replacement and maintenance services. Tuper has over fifty years of experience in manufacturing exhaust systems and catalytic converters for the replacement market and is recognized nationally and internationally as an excellent supplier to the automotive sector. The company has a specialized team focused on developing products to ensure that only high-quality items reach consumers.

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