Distribution Centers Ensure Delivery Speed and Brand Representation

The use of distribution centers makes the logistics operation more dynamic and efficient

Por Jacson Odkovicz  |  6 de June de 2022 às 15:16

A distribution center, or DC, is a physical unit for storing and dispatching items. In summary, it is a strategically located space where processes of receiving, storing, picking, and dispatching products to delivery points that supply the market are centralized.

For Tuper, adopting a distribution logistics operation is crucial to streamline the product delivery process for the automotive line to consumer channels and expand the service network. The company maintains 21 distribution centers in various states across the country, in addition to the central distribution center located in São Bento do Sul (SC – Brazil), the headquarters of the industrial park.

Tuper’s Logistics Manager, Luiz Carlos de Faveri, explains that this central distribution center receives the production flow of exhaust tips, exhaust systems, and catalytic converters for both light and heavy-duty lines. “The responsible team classifies the material, assigns codes, and separates the batches for transportation. This team also monitors the regional distribution centers, which are our internal customers. As demand is generated from these distribution centers, product shipments are made. Cargo shipments occur periodically via land and cabotage transport,” he says.

This approach enables supplying the market with the desired items and maintaining the brand’s representation, making the logistics operation dynamic and efficient.

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