Internal competition #WeTakeAction aims to recognize initiatives that promote sustainability

Tuper employees submit projects to implement best practices and reduce negative environmental impacts

Por Tuper S/A  |  14 de August de 2023 às 14:58

In an effort to encourage positive actions towards the environment across all sectors, Tuper has launched the environmental best practices contest #WeTakeActions, with the main objective of recognizing and rewarding the best ideas adopted by individual or collective initiatives from employees or departments of the company. This initiative aims at reducing negative environmental impacts and the conscious use of natural resources in industrial processes and company facilities.

In this first edition of the contest, a total of 11 projects were submitted, involving 46 employees in response to the proposed incentives. The announcement of the three winning projects took place during SIPATMA – Internal Week of Accident Prevention at Work and Environment, held by Tuper from August 7th to 11th, with a program focused on preventing workplace accidents and promoting health and environmental care.

Let’s take a look at the three winning projects of the contest:

Stamp for Label Replacement
The logistics department implemented the use of stamps on the first page of cargo documents, replacing the use of labels. With this action, there was a significant reduction in waste generation and savings of around 18,000 adhesive labels per year.

concurso projeto 1

In the photo (from left to right), Bruna Caroline Ferreira, Luís Fernando Carvalho, and Jucimar Lima, proponents of the project

Reuse of Lab Coats and Vests for Making Bags and Rugs
In this project, the leader of Tuper’s Emergency Brigade proposed the reuse of lab coats and vests that are part of the brigade’s uniforms and would otherwise be discarded. They are transformed into rugs used during training and for making bags and backpacks for storing materials used during operations.

concurso 2ª projeto

Rubens Kutach displaying the bags made from reused lab coats and vests

Oil Collection Cart
The maintenance department of the Tuper Automotive – Exhausts unit contributed to the development of a cart for oil collection during maintenance operations. The cart is height-adjustable to accommodate different cylinder sizes and can be easily transported around the factory. This idea was born to prevent oil leaks on the factory floor, making cleaning easier and preventing accidents. It also significantly reduces the consumption of rags that were previously used, avoiding contamination risks and waste generation. The collected oil is properly disposed of.

In the photo, from left to right, Gustavo Mateus Alves, Maicon Neves de Lima, Rafael Padilha, Ederson Dionatas dos Reis Aires, Fábio Ribeiro, Edson Luiz Moreira, and Adriano Nunes; the project team also included Allan Ronei Pereira, Clevio Samuel Zappe, Jonathan Robert de Farias, Josmar de Quadros Siqueira, and Nelson Neppi

Other projects and actions proposed for the contest will also be incorporated into the routine because they perfectly align with the goal of resource conservation and waste reduction. The organization, coordinated by Tuper’s Environmental Management team, considers all projects winners.

To learn more about sustainability initiatives adopted by Tuper, visit our website.

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