Book Launch Celebrates Tuper’s 50th Anniversary

The journey of one of the largest steel processors in Latin America, based in São Bento do Sul (SC – Brazil), is told through text and images

Por Tuper S/A  |  6 de December de 2021 às 14:38

Tuper has reserved a surprise for the end of 2021, the year in which it celebrates half a century of existence: the launch of a beautiful coffee table book that tells the company’s journey. It represents the culmination of a series of actions that marked the fiftieth anniversary, including the rebranding of the company and extensive internal work to materialize the organization’s purpose, summarized in a single phrase – “Inspiring people to create surprising solutions.”

The book is a record of every stage the company has gone through to get here,” says President & CEO Frank Bollmann. The essence of the book becomes evident in the opening pages, where there’s a comparison between aerial images of the company’s facilities in the early 1970s and today. The caption captures the sentiment of everyone involved with Tuper: “A dream that became a reality, a seed that bore fruit.”

With two thousand employees, Tuper will conclude its fiftieth year with a series of records. The estimate is to achieve a revenue of R$ 3 billion, driven by a sales volume in tons that is 34.6% higher than in 2020 – regarding exports, the projected increase is as much as 158.6%. The investments made in 2021, R$ 20 million, are 165% higher than the previous year.

These are fantastic numbers for a company founded in a town that, at the time, hadn’t even reached 20,000 inhabitants. Manufacturing vehicle exhausts was the alternative envisioned by a group of young entrepreneurs to diversify the economy of São Bento do Sul, which was heavily reliant on the furniture industry at the time. The progress since then has only been possible due to constant investments in innovation, diversification of business segments, and employee development – three of Tuper’s main pillars. Most of the leaders are professionals who have built their careers internally, a result of an environment conducive to personal and professional growth.

The challenges faced along the way are also narrated in the book. One of them was the initial difficulty in obtaining steel tubes, which led Tuper to start producing this product itself. Another challenging moment, more recent, was the venture into the oil and gas sector, with significant investment in a modern industrial unit inaugurated in 2012. A new phase of the organization began in 2016 with the arrival of ArcelorMittal as a partner. The partnership between the world leader in steel production and a major consumer of this raw material brought competitive advantages and energized the market.

Published by Editora Expressão, the book was written and edited by journalist and historian Maurício Oliveira – who worked closely with Tuper’s marketing department over the course of a year. In addition to research in historical sources, constructing the narrative involved conducting 29 interviews with employees, former employees, founding partners, family members, and other individuals connected to the company. The 120-page book contains images that illustrate the entire journey of the company, from its foundation to the present day.

The official launch took place on December 1st at an event that brought together directors, company leaders, employees, and guests at the company’s headquarters, concluding the fiftieth-anniversary celebrations of Tuper.

The PDF version of the book “Tuper 50 Years” is available at Look for “Livro Tuper 50 anos” to download the file.

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