Tuper launches a new brand and reinforces its essence in the year of its fiftieth anniversary

The renewal is part of a series of actions to celebrate the company’s fiftieth anniversary

Por Tuper S/A  |  15 de April de 2021 às 17:16

In the year it celebrates half a century of existence, Tuper – one of the largest steel transformers in Brazil, presents its new brand to the market and to its more than 2,000 employees and commercial representatives who work throughout the country.

The date chosen for the announcement of the new brand, April 9th, could not be more appropriate: it is National Steel Day, the raw material that made the company’s emergence possible and drove its growth. Tuper can now transform 826,000 tons of steel per year.

The rebranding is one of the planned events to make the fiftieth anniversary year even more memorable. With this, Tuper joins a group of large companies that have undergone rebranding. In addition to the new brand, the company has defined its new purpose: to inspire people to create surprising solutions.

Broad Portfolio

The presentation of the new brand to the market involves the campaign “We transform steel, and steel transforms you!” The goal is to show how this raw material is part of everyone’s daily life because it is in cars, public transport, buildings, bridges, elevators, escalators, appliances, furniture, and many other places. Tuper is thus a brand present in the daily lives of Brazilians.

The company started its activities on February 1st, 1971, by the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to create a new economic alternative for the city, which was until then very dependent on the furniture industry. The initial niche was the production of automotive exhausts for the replacement market. A few years later, the company started its own production of pipes, an essential part of exhaust manufacturing.

Today, Tuper produces a wide portfolio beyond automotive exhausts. This portfolio includes black and galvanized carbon steel pipes for industrial, structural, and conductive applications; API pipes for oil and gas exploration and conduct; galvanized conduits; tubular stakes for quick-connection foundations; structural metal profiles; automotive parts and components; original vehicle exhaust systems; metal roofing systems; ribbed slabs; scaffolding; steel sheets; and slitters.

Dignified Journey

The company’s growth has occurred year after year based on innovation, technology, a qualified team, and diversification. Today, Tuper has three industrial plants with a total manufacturing area of 120,000 m². There are 21 distribution centers in 17 states.

Continuous development has led Tuper to achieve a very high standard of excellence in all the markets it operates in: Industry, Construction, Automotive, Aftermarket Exhausts, Agricultural and Road Machinery and Equipment, Oil and Gas, among others. The company continues on the path of evolving its product lines, keeping up with trends, and meeting the most demanding national and international standards. Continuous investments in the training and professional development of its teams have been crucial for this.

“We have had a journey full of challenges so far, which we have overcome with a lot of hard work and dignity,” says CEO Frank Bollmann. “The rebranding symbolizes how ready Tuper is for the future, which will certainly be full of challenges, but also many opportunities.”

At 71, Bollmann has been with the company since the early days – he joined at the age of 22, fresh out of mechanical engineering school. He soon joined the partnership, becoming a majority partner over the years. In 2016, ArcelorMittal acquired 40% of Tuper’s share capital, initiating a strategic partnership that brought advantages to both organizations.

Tuper in Numbers
Total employees, including Commercial Representatives: 2,000
Revenue: R$1.3 billion in 2020
Total manufacturing area: 120,000 m²
Production capacity: 826,000 tons of steel/year
Distribution centers and 21 branches throughout Brazil

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