Steel – one of the most recycled materials in the world

Steel is a 100% recyclable material that can be reused indefinitely without losing quality

Por Tuper S/A  |  24 de February de 2022 às 17:02
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Today, sustainability and recycling are recurring and highly important topics for maintaining a healthy society. However, the fact is that steel has always been on the list of recycling champions since the early use of the material by civilization. During the Roman Empire, there are records of the reuse of steel artifacts. In modern history, reports indicate that during wartime, soldiers collected abandoned weapons in the trenches for the production of new armaments. Steel has, therefore, always been destined for recycling.

Unlike other materials, steel as a raw material can be reused infinitely without losing its properties and quality. The metallic alloy can be obtained by combining iron ore and coal heated in high-temperature furnaces or through recycling of steel scrap and trimmings.

Recycling is an excellent business

For steel recycling, the first step is the separation of the material by specialized recycling companies. Once separated, the scrap is compressed into bales and sent to steel mills. In the mills, steel is subjected to high temperatures to melt it until it reaches the melting point. In a liquid state, the material can be molded and directed for the production of sheets, packaging, parts for various industry sectors, and many other uses. The recycling process does not cause a loss of quality or any other characteristic properties compared to the original steel.

As a raw material, the advantages are evident. Companies from various sectors invest in projects and encourage actions for collection and recycling, increasing job creation and income. Due to not losing its characteristics in the process and having great value for the steel industry, steel reuse has become an excellent business.

Another advantage related to sustainability is that recycling reduces the volume of iron ore extraction.

In recent decades, the redirection of steel scrap into production lines falls under a process in the industry known as the circular economy, which is based on the concept of sustainable development through reduction, reuse, and recycling. A virtuous cycle that can generate many economic, social, and environmental benefits.

It is worth noting that steel can be completely reused, both in the industry and in the construction sector, making it a perfect example of a sustainable raw material. At Tuper, sustainability-related policies are taken very seriously, and all metallic scrap generated in the manufacturing processes is sent for recycling.

Recycling Numbers

For every ton of recycled steel, the following is saved:

  • 1,140 kg of iron ore
  • 454 kg of coal
  • 18 kg of limestone

Currently, 37% (459 million tons) of steel produced worldwide is made from steel scrap. Every year, 385 million tons of steel are recycled worldwide.
(Data from the National Institute of Steel Distributors)

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