The 2022 edition of the Tuper Knowledge Academy was marked by a ceremony

The initiative aims to promote the technical and personal development of professionals and the discovery of talent

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An event held on Thursday, May 26, at the Guarani Sports Society (São Bento do Sul – SC), brought together the management and employees of Tuper, authorities, community leaders, and representatives for the inaugural class of the Knowledge Academy. This initiative by the company aims to encourage professional development and internal growth opportunities. During the event, Fabrizio Machado Pereira, Executive Director of Education and Technology at the Federation of Industries of the State of Santa Catarina (Fiesc) and Regional Director of Senai Santa Catarina, delivered a lecture on the topic “Industry through Education.”

The initiative, established since 2010, focuses on the professional and personal development of the company’s employees, encouraging the improvement of their career paths and the enhancement of their technical skills.

During his speech at the ceremony, Frank Bollmann, President and CEO of Tuper, emphasized the importance of promoting the well-being and technical preparedness of the company’s employees, considering them one of the company’s most significant assets and enabling the company’s continuous development. He stated, “Today’s event certainly evokes a special feeling and satisfaction in all of us at the Tuper team. We have no doubt that one of the fundamental principles for the company’s success over these 50 years is investing in people, in our workforce.” Bollman further added, “We are fully convinced that we are contributing to the industry in Santa Catarina to continue to be a reference in Brazil, both in product quality and in the preparation of professionals and treatment of workers. The result of the Knowledge Academy is a synthesis of all of this.”

In another significant moment, Rubens Kutach, leader of the fire brigade and occupational safety at Tuper, spoke about the importance and results generated by the Knowledge Academy. Rubens, a veteran of the first graduating class, shared that his journey in the company since then has been filled with opportunities and achievements. He said, “I started as a machine operator, and today I am the leader of the brigade. The key moment was undoubtedly participating in the first class of the Knowledge Academy in 2010. It was a rich and intense experience that transformed me both professionally and personally.”

A journey of success

The initiative to create the Knowledge Academy in 2010 was inspired by technical training courses that aim to combine theory and practice. Since then, positive results have been observed, such as the emergence of new leaders, improvements in manufacturing processes, talent retention, and increased employee engagement in the company’s business. So far, 137 students have graduated. The class of 2022 has 108 professionals enrolled in four groups. The members of the two best projects presented will be awarded an international technical trip. The initiative involves important partnerships, including the participation of instructors from organizations like SESI, Senai, and FIESC.

The projects developed by the students during the year-long course will be presented and evaluated upon completion. The winning teams will receive an international technical trip as a prize, in addition to the application of the project results in the industrial plants.

It is worth noting that the project has received distinctions such as the Ser Humano 2014 / Human Resources Management Award – “Tuper Knowledge Academy Program” ABRH/SC, and the 2014 Industry for Education Award – “Tuper Knowledge Academy Program” – FIESC.

Distinguished guests

Notable attendees at the event included Frank Bollmann, President and CEO, and Adilson Martinelli, Vice-President of the Board of Directors, representing Tuper. Vice-Mayor Tirso Hummelgen, State Deputy Silvio Dreveck, President of the City Council of São Bento do Sul Carla Hofmann, Executive Director of Education and Technology at the Federation of Industries of the State of Santa Catarina (Fiesc) and Regional Director of Senai Santa Catarina, and Vice-President of Fiesc Planalto Norte Arnaldo Huebl were also present. Additionally, the former Mayor of São Bento do Sul, Magno Bollmann, along with students and teachers from the Knowledge Academy and representatives from various segments of society participated in the event.

Pre-launch of environmental work

During the event, the pre-launch of the book “Consórcio Quiriri – Drop by Drop, a River of Hope” by Magno Bollmann, former Mayor of São Bento do Sul, took place. The book, officially launched during the Sustainable Management Forum 2022 in Florianópolis, addresses important environmental issues for the region. “The book is the result of the journey and achievements of the Quiriri Consortium, of which I was one of the founders, over its 25 years. I am convinced that the book can serve as an incentive for new initiatives to promote sustainability beyond the expansion of the consortium itself,” said the author.

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