Energy management and energy efficiency software receives an upgrade

The initiative also helps promote the rational use of energy

Por Tuper S/A  |  23 de May de 2022 às 16:55

Energy management is a fundamental action among good industrial practices, and it has brought many benefits to companies that use this resource. At Tuper, the control of energy consumption and loads in industrial plants is carried out with the assistance of an automated system, which allows for the integration of more than forty meters and controllers for electrical energy demand distributed across the units. The data collected from these devices are sent to a server that, through data analysis, generates graphs for consumption analysis, guides load management, and facilitates the projection of energy allocation among the plants. By analyzing the data obtained through measurement, it is also possible to determine the cost of consumption for each industrial unit and to control the load, a feature that interrupts equipment usage to prevent exceeding the power limit agreed with the distributor.

At Tuper, the system with these characteristics has been in use since 2005 when it was implemented by the industrial maintenance department, and there have been several updates since then. Starting in 2022, a new upgrade was acquired, and with this upgrade, the system now operates in a web mode, housed within the company’s intranet, allowing more people to access the information.

The generation of the database will also undergo modifications. In the previous model, it was created in a closed file format that did not allow sharing with other systems. In the current version, the database will use the PostgreSQL regime, which gradually allows integration with other databases in the industrial plant that use the same recording method. This action will make it possible to establish links between load and production efficiency per kilowatt consumed in an automated manner and at specific points in the manufacturing units.

According to Renan Carlo Piccinini, Tuper’s energy management analyst, it will be possible, for example, to compare the power adjustment of a welding equipment based on integrated information to clearly visualize actual consumption, power gain, and the equipment’s influence on other loads in the company. “Basically, it’s an update of the system modernized by a platform within current standards, with graphs and information that can be viewed on a mobile phone or tablet according to permission settings for each user,” he says.

The acquisition of this upgrade aligns with the implementation of an efficiency system adopted by the company and will be a valuable resource to assist decision-making regarding energy consumption and management in the manufacturing facilities, providing information on transformer and panel loading levels, also aiding in the support of necessary expansions in the factory.

The implementation is already underway, with several functions released, and completion is expected by the end of the next June.

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