The Exhaust System can have its lifespan guaranteed with some care

Simple measures help preserve the parts

Por Tuper S/A  |  11 de April de 2022 às 16:48

Preventive maintenance and some care can ensure the lifespan of the components that make up the exhaust system to maintain the vehicle’s good performance.

When performing preventive maintenance, it is essential not to forget to check the condition of the exhaust system, which consists of the engine pipe, catalytic converter, intermediate and rear mufflers, and tailpipes. The exhaust system is an essential item to ensure the engine’s performance because damage can interfere, even in fuel consumption.

One of the factors that can damage the components is the quality of the fuel. Always refuel at a trusted gas station because the quality of the fuel is directly related to the lifespan of the components. You need to stay vigilant. Excessive water coming out of the exhaust could be a sign of fuel adulteration. Adulterated alcohol, gasoline, or diesel can cause premature wear of the lambda sensor, which increases consumption, reduces engine efficiency, and increases the emission of polluting gases. Additionally, poor-quality fuel can melt the ceramic in the catalytic converter and cause corrosion in the housing and holes in one of the parts of the assembly, affecting the vehicle’s performance.

The conditions in which the car travels also affect the lifespan of the exhaust system. Dirt roads or roads with potholes, for example, can shorten the useful life of the exhaust system components. Misfiring, unregulated engine, and excessive oil consumption can damage the parts and, especially, the catalytic converter, a crucial component for the engine’s proper functioning and emission control of harmful gases into the environment.

By performing preventive maintenance and following the necessary precautions, the catalytic converter can last up to 80,000 km (original) and 40,000 km (replacement). In case of replacement, it is essential to pay attention to the Inmetro seal.

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