The live presentation showcased the innovation of Tuper Tubular Piles with quick connection system

Panelists discussed the advantages and innovations of the system for the construction sector

Por Tuper S/A  |  8 de April de 2022 às 16:07

On the afternoon of Thursday, April 7th, a live event about Tuper Tubular Piles with a quick connection system was held, starting at 4:00 PM. The objective was to widely promote the product since the feature is an innovation in the construction industry as it uses a system that eliminates the need for welding, speeds up the piling process of the piles, and reduces the construction time.

Presented by Heber H. P. Campos, Tuper’s Sales Manager, the live event featured the presence of Mr. Frank Bollmann, President and CEO of Tuper, discussing the uniqueness of the system, the transformations the product brings to the market, and the importance of using steel in the construction industry. Following that, Tuper’s Application Engineer, Inácio Kotovicz, provided details about the tubular piles system, how the quick connection works, the possibility of filling with concrete, the increase in load capacity, and the advantages of using the product. Next, Dr. Nelson Aoki, a professor of engineering, presented a panel describing the technical solution, risks, and integrity, discussing topics such as high structural resistance and verification of safety factors, among others. The professor took the opportunity to commend the collaboration between the industry and academic research. The following presentation was by Professor Cristina Tsuha from the São Carlos School of Engineering – USP, who talked about the research collaboration for the resource’s application, reporting on the CICS/USP case and the tests related to geothermal energy as a sustainable solution for practical application in construction. Finally, Heber, who also moderated the panelists, presented the technical manual and emphasized the importance of the content of this material for the market to understand the significance of the innovation of Tuper Tubular Piles with a quick connection.

The live event, which had more than 300 participants and lasted approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, concluded with the panelists answering questions from the participants.

To learn more about the product in detail, download the Tuper Tubular Piles with Quick Connection Manual.

The live event is available in its entirety on YouTube, on Tuper’s channel, at the following link.

The Tuper Piles app is available for free on Android and iOS platforms and can also be accessed using the QR code below.

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