Tuper has testing and research laboratories for the development of new products

These tests and trials also aim to confirm the suitability of the products for the specified standards for each application

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Tests and trials are procedures that attest to the quality of products and their suitability for each application. At Tuper, these actions are carried out in laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment operated by qualified professionals for conducting tests and analyses, both for process evaluation and for checking the standards of strength and quality of finished products.

In the chemical laboratories, procedures are conducted to ensure the required manufacturing standards for processes such as protection and finishing.

The other laboratories are responsible for conducting tests and trials aimed at releasing products to the market in accordance with quality and safety parameters, while adhering to the regulatory standards established for each item.

Here are some of the tests and trials carried out in Tuper laboratories:

  • Tensile test
  • Charpy impact test
  • Chemical composition test using optical emission spectrometry
  • Metallographic tests (macro and micro)
  • Hardness tests
  • Flow rate, tensile, penetration, impact, glass transition, oxidation induction time tests
  • Weld analysis, metallographic and dirt tests

Tuper strictly follows all the necessary processes and best practices to deliver products to the market with the best performance according to the specified standards.

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