Tuper Metal Roofing Tiles in innovative project combining wood and steel

In the project, pre-painted metal roofing tiles in silver color were used

Por Tuper S/A  |  13 de October de 2022 às 11:37

Tuper knows that excellence and cutting-edge technology applied to products are essential factors to meet the quality standards of an increasingly demanding market in the construction industry. That’s why we continuously invest in providing innovation and quality. The company understands that all projects are equally important, and the result reflects the solution offered and the technical feasibility of the options it provides.

A successful example of the application of Tuper’s steel solutions for the construction industry is the recent project of the Hangar Museum, a hangar designed to house a collection of historic airplanes from the 1930s to the 1970s, located in Araquari, SC.

In this project, 25 tons of pre-painted metal roofing tiles in silver color were used in the roofing system, showcasing the beauty and versatility of the product for a perfect final result.

The Hangar Museum project

The project, designed by Nola Arquitetura with execution and engineering by Trapp Ferreira Construtora and roof structure by Ita Construtora, stands out as the largest glued laminated wood arch in Brazil. The biarticulated arches of this hangar span a light of 50 meters with a section of only 30 x 99 cm (1.98% of the span) and are braced by a diagonal wood lattice, ensuring stability under high compression loads. The characteristics of this special work, an iconic project that combines wood with Tuper’s steel roofing, earned the structure a nomination as a finalist in a major national award.

Tuper manufactures one of the most comprehensive product lines for steel roofing systems. These include traditional roofing, decorative roofing, thermal and acoustic insulation roofing, with a wide variety of finishes to meet various needs and specifications, tailored to the particularities of each project.

To learn more about Tuper’s roofing systems, visit the Steel Metal Roofing page on our website or download the product catalog.

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