Warehousing Center will support logistics at Tuper’s manufacturing plant

The new structure will bring more agility to the cargo loading process

Por Tuper S/A  |  6 de May de 2022 às 08:22

As a measure to expand the manufacturing structure and improve logistics and delivery processes for customers, Tuper is starting construction on the Tuper Warehousing Center (CAT), a unit focused exclusively on finished product storage. The new pavilion, located next to the Tuper Automotive – Parts unit in São Bento do Sul (SC), the company’s headquarters, covers an approximate area of five thousand square meters.

The civil project was entirely developed by in-house professionals, and all the metal structures used in the construction will be produced by Tuper itself, from the tubular piles for the foundation to the roof and side closure.

The completion of the project, scheduled for December 2022, and the new structure should facilitate operations from a logistical perspective. According to Luiz Carlos de Faveri, Tuper’s Logistics Manager, the installation will bring more agility in material movement and storage of pipes for preparing shipments to customers. In the initial phase, the pavilion will house stocks from the Tubos unit. “Without a doubt, the new installation will make the entire process more agile, as there will no longer be a need to travel to multiple industrial units to collect loads, as storage will be centralized in a location solely dedicated to this operation,” says de Faveri.

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