Attempts of fraud with bank slips: how to protect yourself

According to data from the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban), the fake bank slip scam is currently one of the most common financial frauds in the country

Por Tuper S/A  |  4 de March de 2024 às 14:34

The bank slip is the second most used payment method by Brazilians, behind only Pix. In the year 2022 alone, 7.7 billion bank slips were processed in the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) system, and by August 2023, the number had already exceeded 5 billion. Therefore, with this volume of transactions, the risk of fraud is also significant.

It’s essential to stay vigilant because fake documents closely resemble the originals. The most common mode of scam attempt is sending fake slips electronically (via email, SMS, WhatsApp) with links that redirect to an altered invoice.

Learn how to protect yourself by following some tips and guidelines

If you receive slips via email from other companies, follow these guidelines for your safety:

Check the sender

Always verify the sender of the email sending the slip. Make sure it’s from a trusted source. If in doubt, contact the issuer.

If the sending is done via SMS, WhatsApp, or another social network or digital platform, exercise extra caution.

Verify the slip details

Before making any payment, carefully check the slip details such as number, amount, and beneficiary. Any discrepancies could signal fraud.

A good way to confirm the authenticity of the slip is to verify if the values match the issued invoices.

Extra tips:

Pay attention to the email subject. Subjects like “Payment Error,” “Second Copy via Email,” “Urgent – Open Invoice,” “Additional Amount,” “Super Discount to Settle Debt,” “Credit Release,” or similar could be indications of a scam.

Fake slips usually have different formatting in the barcode field, as well as in the layout of the code itself.


How Tuper proceeds

Tuper does not use the method of sending payment documents via email. For the safety of both clients and the company, it maintains the Tuper Financial Portal, which can be accessed easily through the website or the link

Nevertheless, if there are doubts or suspicions about the authenticity of the slips, the recommendation is for the client to contact Tuper by phone at 47 3631 4902 or send an email to

Sources: Exame Invest | Febraban website

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