Check Other Components Before Replacing the Catalytic Converter

If the cause of overheating is not diagnosed correctly, the issue may recur with the new part

Por Tuper S/A  |  4 de April de 2023 às 10:51

The ideal temperature for the proper functioning of the automotive catalytic converter should remain within the range of 300°C to 800°C. Beyond this threshold, the component begins to overheat, which can lead to the melting of the internal ceramic material within the part.

This overheating interferes with the chemical reactions responsible for filtering harmful gases from the environment, consequently affecting the performance of the catalytic converter.

In cases like this, it is common for the solution to be simply replacing the catalytic converter. However, if the root cause of the overheating is not correctly diagnosed, the problem may recur with the new part, and the vehicle owner may once again have to bear the repair costs.

One of the primary causes of excessive heating is the contact of the ceramic material with unburned fuel. When a rich mixture reaches the component, it can lead to residue buildup and component blockages, as well as the burning of excess fuel outside the combustion chamber, raising the temperature of the catalytic converter.

To prevent this from happening, it is essential to ensure the proper functioning of all components in the circuit before the catalytic converter comes into play. For example, there may be a buildup of fuel residue in the radiator’s honeycombs, obstructing airflow and cooling of the assembly, as well as hindering the proper functioning of the ignition system.

It is also important to check the fit of parts and the integrity of components such as crankshaft pulleys and timing belts, as well as the sealing of the command retainer, to ensure that the engine does not operate with looseness, leaks, or cracks in these components, which can alter the performance of electronic injection and, consequently, the ideal air-fuel mixture in the catalytic converter.

If high temperatures cause damage to the catalytic converter and it needs to be replaced, we recommend that the vehicle be taken to a specialized workshop to identify the root cause of the problem, and the replacement part should have proven quality and origin.

Additionally, we emphasize that proper vehicle maintenance, including scheduled inspections as outlined in the manual, is also essential.

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