Conduction Tubes NBR 5580 and NBR 5590: learn about the main characteristics of this product line

Manufactured in carbon steel, they are used for the conduction of non-corrosive fluids in accordance with regulated utilization assignments

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Tubos de Condução Tuper

Conduction tubes, as the name suggests, are designed to convey non-corrosive fluids such as water, gas, compressed air, oil, and steam.

At Tuper, these tubes can be manufactured with a black, galvanized, or painted finish, and with smooth, beveled, grooved (for grooved mechanical coupling), or threaded ends in various diameters and thicknesses.

The manufacturing process involves longitudinal welding through the HFIW (High-Frequency Induction Welding) process, and Tuper supplies them in dimensions ranging from ½” to 12”.

Tuper’s conduction tubes comply with the mandatory certification by INMETRO to ensure safety for life and property.

Types of finishes offered by Tuper for NBR 5580 and NBR 5590 Conduction Tubes:

  1. Black: Black carbon steel tubes.
  2. Galvanized: Tubes hot-dip galvanized with subsequent blowing to ensure uniform internal and external layering.
  3. Painted: With the application of a layer of powder (electrostatic), polyester, epoxy (liquid), or hybrid paint. The goals are protection and identification, as the tubes are painted according to regulations governing color application in pipelines. Surface preparation involves abrasive blasting or chemical cleaning, and after coating application, inspections for thickness, adhesion, and visual finish occur.

The most commonly used colors in the market are:

  • Red: Firefighting networks
  • Yellow: Gas networks
  • Blue: Compressed air networks
  • Green: Drinking water conveyance networks

However, other colors can be requested according to application needs

Types of End Connections to Meet Different Projects

The end connections of conduction tubes can exhibit the following characteristics, depending on their intended applications:

GROOVED: Featuring roll-grooved ends for use in conduction lines with rigid or flexible cold connections. This design provides agility, ease, and versatility in both installation and maintenance.
SMOOTH/FACED: Cut straight with no burrs.
BEVELED: Angled cut with edge machining.
THREADED: BSP or NPT threads, in accordance with tube standards. The threads are protected with anticorrosive oil and come with a plastic cap.

Tubos com Grooved

What do regulatory standards determine?

Standard NBR 5580 establishes the requirements for the manufacturing and supply of carbon steel pipes, with or without longitudinal welding, and with or without a zinc protective coating, for the conveyance of water, gas, steam, and other non-corrosive fluids.

Standard NBR 5590 sets the requirements for the manufacturing and supply of carbon steel pipes, with or without longitudinal welding, in black or galvanized finish, for the conveyance of non-corrosive fluids under pressure and mechanical applications. It is also acceptable for common use in steam, water, gas, and compressed air lines.

Learn more about Tuper Conduction Tubes by downloading the product catalog from the downloads page on our website.

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