Discover the key features and applications of NBR 5580 and NBR 5590 conduit pipes manufactured by Tuper

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Conduit pipes are generally used for the transportation of water, oil, gas, steam, compressed air, and other non-corrosive fluids in installations such as warehouses, buildings, stadiums, airports, malls, hospitals, industries, and more. They can be applied in piping systems with rigid or flexible cold connections.

At Tuper, conduit pipes are manufactured in carbon steel, welded, and in accordance with the ABNT NBR 5580 and NBR 5590 standards. For pipes that meet the NBR 5580 standards, in light, medium, and heavy classes, the dimension options provided range from 1/2″ to 6″. For NBR 5590, SCH 5 to 80, Grades A and B, the dimension options range from 1/2″ to 12″.

They are manufactured to efficiently meet various market needs and comply with INMETRO’s compulsory certification, in accordance with the current legal provisions to ensure safety for life and property.

The ends of conduit pipes can have the following characteristics:

GROOVED ENDS: Pipes with grooved ends are produced with grooved or rolled ends for use in piping systems with rigid or flexible cold connections, providing agility, ease, and versatility in installation and maintenance.

Tubo com grooved

SMOOTH/FACED ENDS: with straight cuts and no burrs.

BEVELED ENDS: angled cut with edge machining.

Tubos com pontas biseladas

THREADED ENDS: BSP or NPT thread cutting, according to the tube standard. Threads are protected with anti-corrosion oil and plastic cap.

Regarding finishes, the options are:

BLACK: carbon steel pipes supplied oiled.

Tubos pretos

GALVANIZED: Pipes hot-dip galvanized with subsequent blow finish to ensure uniformity of the coating both internally and externally.

Tubos de condução galvanizados

PAINTED: A layer of powder (electrostatic), polyester, liquid epoxy, or hybrid paint is applied. For protection and identification purposes, the pipes are painted according to the standards regulating color application on pipelines. Pipe surface preparation is done using abrasive blasting or chemical cleaning, and after applying the coating, thickness, adhesion, and visual finish inspections are performed.

Tubos de condução pintados

The most commonly used colors in the market are:

  • Red for fire protection networks.
  • Yellow for gas networks.
  • Blue for compressed air networks.
  • Green for potable water conduit networks.

Other colors can be provided upon request, depending on the application requirements.

To learn more about conduit pipes, visit the product page or download the catalog. You can also request a product quote.

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