Graduation from the Tuper Knowledge Academy was celebrated in grand style

The event brought together graduates, teachers, company representatives, and guests for the ceremony

Por Tuper S/A  |  29 de September de 2023 às 21:21
Academia do Conhecimento Tuper

On September 22, the Arsiper – Recreational and Social Association of Tuper, located in São Bento do Sul (SC – Brazil), the city where the company is headquartered, hosted a significant moment, hosting the graduation ceremony of the Tuper Knowledge Academy, certifying 67 graduates who completed a period of intense learning and development.

The four classes, which began on May 26, 2022, and concluded on July 5, 2023, provided participants with a total of 193 hours of classes, divided into 27 modules, of which 63% were taught internally. The program’s aim is to provide opportunities for professional development and technical improvement for participants.

The audience that attended the event totaled 200 people, including graduates and their families, members of the Tuper board and managers, in-house teachers, and representatives from educational institutions that partnered during the project, as well as sponsor employees of the presented projects’ teams.

One of the highlights of the ceremony, aside from the distribution of certificates, was the presentation of awards to the outstanding students, including trophies for those with the highest attendance and the best grades in their respective units. Additionally, the winning projects that received a technical trip to Germany were announced. Here’s the list of the winners:

Awarded Project – Tuper Oil and Gas Unit Optimization of the Loading Process Team: Cleverston Gonçalves dos Santos, Fabricio Zeithammer, Osvaldo Behnke Júnior, Kristoffer Eduardo dos Santos

Awarded Project – Tubes Unit White Oxidation – Reduction of Protective Oil and Reuse of Wood Team: Luiz Fernando Carvalho, Marcelo Novacki, Airton Weitner, Elton Patrick de Souza

Teams of the winning projects receiving the award

The students who received the trophies were:

Highest Attendance at the Tuper Oil and Gas Knowledge Academy:

  • Loreano Rocha da Maia
  • Elton Dion Nogueira

Highest Attendance at the Tubes Knowledge Academy:

  • Misael Gonçalves Ferreira
  • Luis Afonso Alves
  • José Alberi Nogueira
  • Geferson Carniel

Highest Grade at the Tuper Oil and Gas Knowledge Academy:

  • Loreano Rocha da Maia

Highest Grade at the Tubes Knowledge Academy:

  • João Giovane Gruber

The ceremony also included inspiring speeches from Mr. Frank Bollmann, President and CEO of the company, Gustavo Bollmann, Industrial Director, and Dr. Mariane Rodrigues Habowsky Ronconi, Executive Manager. The speakers from the Knowledge Academy, the Tubes Unit, and the Tuper Oil and Gas Unit, Jean Carlos Grober, José Alberi Nogueira, and Maurício Eduardo Wolff, also expressed gratitude and shared their learning journey experiences on behalf of the graduates.

The program also featured an emotional tribute to the program’s teachers, who received a special token of appreciation from the students. A video recalling the learning journey and messages from the managers to the graduates provided a memorable final touch to the celebration.

Tuper is proud of the graduates and looks forward to continuing to support the growth and development of its employees through the Knowledge Academy, with a new class expected to begin in January 2024.

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